Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Passing The Crown


A shock to no one, President Barack Hussein Obama held a news conference last week and announced he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Obama made history as he endorsed the first Presidential candidate in American history facing criminal indictment for trading State Department favors for Clinton Cash and for selling out America by allowing Russian and Chinese hackers access to top secret information.

Prior to the announcement, Obama met with Bernie Sanders and promised "The Bern" that Hillary will expand Obama's Socialist policies, to include far more government control over the free markets and lots of free stuff to the millions seeking a seat on the government gravy train.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Obama, while initially planning not to endorse a candidate until after the Democratic convention, felt that endorsing Clinton now was essential in order to blunt the FBI's investigation and place further pressure on the Justice Department to quash any future criminal indictments against Clinton.

Political analysts yesterday said Obama's early endorsement should pave the way for his own Justice Department's move to pull a "Fast and Furious" suppression of evidence against Clinton. Speculation is that, by September, the Justice Department will declare an end to the Clinton investigation and clear her of in wrong-doing in trading weapons deals with foreign countries in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation as well as issuing a declaration that Clinton's use of a Radio Shack computer server did no long term damage to national security.

Word came out yesterday that Obama spent an hour polishing up his Emperor's crown so that it can be presented to Hillary backstage at the DNC Convention in August.


Ken said...

I was reading an article on the internet that the emperor had signed another executive order expanding control of the fed to take over all fed land holdings everywhere in compliance with U.N. agenda 21! Now I never know if what I read is true anymore, the most outlandish of the boy king's maneuvers usually are true but at times turn out to be false. Just can't trust the media.

When I read of his endorsement of that murderous clinton bitch I was saddened and not at all surprised that he sealed all email evidence as the prosecution was attempting to build their case. At the same time hollywood is asked to start backing clinton and also to keep up climate change and gun control propaganda type material to keep us all well informed, at least those of us who are to lazy to read. Knowing that the electorate now is made up of 99% morons, I guess you won't have to worry about a Trump presidency! All 52 cards are stacked quite neatly against all good Americans!

Ken said...

Nice talkin to ya! Bye Bye

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I'm not sure what your comment was all about, but I'm guessing it was because I didn't respond to your remark. All I can tell you is that, if I respond, it is usually on the day of the blog post. Google doesn't tell me when someone has posted something days after a post has been made. And if it's any comfort to you, consider this: I turn out this blog three days a week, get hundreds of reads, but very few comments. If I got my feelings hurt every time someone didn't give me a comment I wouldn't be doing this blog at all. Nuff said.