Monday, June 20, 2016

Obama's Legacy; The One Tenth of One Percent


Has anyone else noticed that, of all our major problems, and among all the hundreds of millions of American citizens, Obama has chosen to concentrate on the one tenth of one percent of the freaks in our culture? I mean, seriously, with all our many problems, Barry has spent his time giving early prison release to drug pushers, freeing terrorists from Guantanamo, squashing religion military services, recruiting gays and transgenders for the military, granting amnesty for illegal invaders, cuddling up to Muslims, circumventing the Constitution by Executive Order, demanding $15 per hour for burger flippers and rewarding sloth at every turn with his Food Stamp and liberal welfare programs,

And yet, both Bernie and Hillary say he's done a fine job! Did anyone read the news this morning that reported 67% of Americans couldn't cope with a thousand dollar emergency? That they'd have to borrow the money to fix a broken dishwasher?

Is anyone paying attention to a miserable 2% GDP growth rate? Or the lack of jobs? Or the 7 year long housing slump?

Americans are suffering from Islamic terrorism, an economy staggering and on its knees, $2 trillion dollars in Student Loan debt, $20 trillion dollars national debt, the American profile in shambles with every one of our allies, and the prospect that our grandchildren will live far worse than we did. And, under a Black President, race relations in this country is the worst it has been in 75 years!

And Obama is worried about the one tenth of one percent of folks who are "gender-confused!

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Damn that horseshoe was hot.