Friday, January 17, 2014

White; The New Oppressed Minority

Turn on your TV and navigate to your local Public Television Station.  Now take a look at the programing. After all, you should watch once in awhile since the federal government gives $500 million of your tax dollars to them each year.

And what do we get for that money?  We are shown program after program about Black Slavery (is that old news or what?)...160 years and we're still talking about slavery!    We'll also see a hundred programs a year about Martin Luther King.  We'll see another hundred programs about persecuted illegal Mexicans.  They'll trot out fifty shows about oppressed Chinese laborers, another fifty shows explaining why Muslims hate us and at least a dozen shows about how Vietnam won the Vietnam War.

When PBS wants to show a comedy, they trot over to the BBC and broadcast British comedies, as if everything uttered in a cockney accident is funny.  For serious drama, again they turn to British writers, dead for at least two centuries.

Tavis Smiley is a Black man, a one man Black media empire, who commands two hours of PBS programming each day.  And his shows are inevitably about White on Black oppression and how Whitey keeps Blacks at sub-poverty levels and are the chief cause of the plague of Black crime.

The only time you see traditional American culture highlighted on PBS is when they need to raise money!  Then they trot out music extravaganzas highlighting B-Bop, Lawrence Welk, Music of the 40's, and several specials on the history of American television.

But hey, let's lighten up on PBS...old Whitey is getting shortchanged across the broad spectrum of print and broadcast media.  Bank of America loves to run those soft hearted banking commercials with young Spanish families living the good life, seemingly working with proper papers and paying taxes and building bright futures...and never mention that $500 billion dollars is being sucked from the American economy and funneled back to Mexico each and every year by these illegal Mexicans.

And when is the last time you saw one of those silly commercials where the "boob" role is played by a Mexican or a is always dumb Whitey who has learned something through the wit and wisdom of a Black or Hispanic.

And thanks to racial hiring preferences fully half of the federal work force is either Black or Hispanic....good luck if you're White and you're seeking a federal job.  White's are the new oppressed minority and that's with Blacks making up only 12 percent of the population...and if you count all the illegal Mexicans they make up between 20 and 25 percent of the populace.  Yet they command the attention of liberal politicians and the liberal media even as White culture is being buried under an avalanche of cultural suppression.

Hopefully Whitey will get tired of this after awhile, especially since the Great Whitey is still paying most of the bills.  The 2nd Civil War can't come soon enough.


Craig Bailey said...

Good morning. I was a thought provoking piece.As usual you are right on the money.I have no guilt about slavery, it is over, quit whining and be thankful your ancestors were brought here as slaves then freed. White people are just too nice most of the time, time for the rest to say "enough". Just a proud white guy who is not always nice or pc. Have a great weekend.

HavasuRob said...

WET- White Entertainment Network
Ohhhh the fun that would be. PBS is worthless. As is the federal government!

Anonymous said...

My Irish forefathers weren't even in this country when that slavery shit went down. Then when they did get here they were treated as bad if not worse than colored people, but you know what they did, they worked and took jobs no one else wanted and became an integral part of American society, contributing to this once great country. I say any black person who feels slighted should take a trip to Africa and run the gauntlet of cannibalism and marauding armies.

A Modest Scribler said...

Craig and Anon; I have no guilt about slavery either; my ancestors were Swedish, Irish and Indian, the latter two were treated as badly, or worse than Blacks.

HavasuBob…if they ever started a WET…it would be shut down by the ACLU and a court injunction within a week…the only ones allowed to discriminate are the Blacks.

Anonymous said...

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