Monday, January 6, 2014

Bad News For Your "Great" Grandchildren


Folks, I've got some bad news...and bad news for you today.  After crunching the numbers, and totally up all of Obama's past deficit spending, and projected deficit spending, he's already gone through your children's and grandchildren's money...and is now eating into whatever your great grandchildren hope to earn.

The fait accompli was Emperor Obama's edict last month, without consulting Congress at all, that under Obamacare health care providers must provide the same breadth and depth of medical coverage for mental health that is now provided for physical health patients.  And just to make it crystal clear, he proclaimed that all that costly mental health care is mandated even when the patient's "zombie hood" is caused by recreational drug use.

Now while that might not sound too menacing to you, try to imagine how hard an osteopath today has in confirming a diagnosis of "bad back" when some, let's say unambitious fellow decides that he's tired of working and applies for disability.  Consequently our doctors freely admit that we have literally tens of thousands of healthy adults living off of the disability rolls simply because a "bad back" can rarely be confirmed or denied.  And, encouraged by a President who encourages dependency and victimhood, we have seen an explosive increase in people going on disability during the last five years, more than at any time in our history.

So now our emperor has issued a blank check for anyone who'd care to explore the world of crack cocaine, crystal meth, pot, cocaine, or a bath salts cocktail.  And, it logically follows that those with a drug problem will not be working regularly, or paying health premiums, which naturally places an additional burden on the working stiff to pay even higher medical premiums to pay for an even more generous "cadillac" medical program for more dead-heads.

Should we treat our citizens with mental health problems?  Of course we should!  Should we say to everyone "go out and explore the world of drugs...and we'll foot the bill for getting you cleaned up?" Should we present a thousand new loopholes for exploiting health care plans?  Hell no!

That is what is essentially wrong about the whole Obamacare concept.  We have to foot the bill for birth control, even if we don't agree with it.  We are not allowed to condemn gays..and the accompanying AIDs crisis but we must communally pay for those million dollar a year AIDs patients who chose to practice unsafe sex.  A vegan must pay for the slob who dines on fast food every night and non-smokers will have to foot at least part of the bill (all of the bill for the 30 million tit suckers on Medicaid) for smokers.  

And the program is so damn monstrous that the paying folks don't even know what they are paying for!  The only know that their premiums are tripling and quadrupling!  Well figure it out folks...Obama is demanding all manner of medical care be paid somebody...and that somebody now happens to be your great grand children.

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