Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obama's Homeless Army


The big news this week in Phoenix has been a renewed focus on the growing homeless in the county.  Thursdays news in the local newspaper was about the thousands of homeless who are being drawn to Glendale's municipal parks, attracted by free nightly dinners furnished by a local church group.  The Church is one of those (pardon this) off the wall "Church for The Liberal Chicano" or some such name.    La Raza smiles upon them because they feed illegal Mexicans…but apparently now have expanded into feeding anyone attracted to a free meal.

So they have taken to Glendale's municipal parks and have apparently crowded out the blue collar, tax paying families that used to use the parks for family recreation.  It seems the once lovely parks are now littered with drug needles, trash, varied piles of human excrement and pilfered shopping carts as the homeless have claimed the parks for their home.  

Of course this has raised the ire of their upstanding neighbors who live in nearby developments.  They claim their streets are now littered with trash and the crime rates are climbing as more and more homeless  migrate to their new source of free meals.  The Glendale Police Department has deployed officers to the park, to pass out fliers showing the locations for the county's many homeless shelters, but so far this grub-hungry army has refused to leave.

To further compound the problem, residents of nearby apartment complexes, apparently able to feed themselves, have also descended on the parks.  They file out of their apartments right around supper time and fall in line for the free church grub.  

And why not?  After all, this is the era of dependency is it not?  This is the Obama years, when "taking" is the norm and "earning" is a sin.  

Then Saturday morning's paper brought news of a whole new homeless army; it is the homeless of the young; those 18-25 years old.  You see, we already had homeless programs for the elderly, for families…and now we have a new homeless program for the young adults.  A local charity called the Tumbleweed foundation cites the need for still another layer of bureaucratic charity because the "young" have special needs; it seems they can't relate to the 'old squares' who don't dig rap, heavy metal or their new age values….and the new homeless youth won't stoop to stay in a traditional shelter because of it.  The article says there are now 1.7 million homeless youth across the nation, driven into the streets by parents who wouldn't accept their Playstation and Bath Salts lifestyle.  According to Tumbleweed, these youth are further oppressed by the Fast Food companies' refusal to pay $15 dollar an hour wages for burger flippers.  So, they'd rather be homeless than work for such pittances.

Remarkably, these charities were surprised to learn that many of the new homeless youth are college graduates who can't land a job in Obama's economy.  One liberal arts graduate, who majored in Philosophy,  has found he can peddle "good karma" at .50 cents a shot and can make more than if he were to clean up and work in a more traditional job.

So, Phoenix is blossoming with a whole new generation of Obama's army; the youth of America.  Tumbleweed has promised to rent out hotel rooms to furnish them shelter, dispatch food trucks to feed them and recruit life counsellors who will seek out what might please and satisfy these new youthful "captains of dependency".  

How "kind and gentler" has our nation become.  I can recall in my youth when, if you wanted to eat, or a bed to sleep in, you took a job, any job.  In an age when 50% no longer pay any taxes and 47% receive a government check, a job is no longer a prerequisite.



Craig Bailey said...

Put the criminals in Sheriff Joe's tent city, give the rest a broom or a pair of trash tongs with the message:No Work No No Food!. There is San Francisco's solution: They gave their homeless 50 to 75 dollars and a 1 way bus ticket to Eureka. Have a good day.

HavasuRob said...

Why is it that all three of my kids have multiple jobs? And are in college? And have opportunities waiting for them? Parental instilled values?

A Modest Scribler said...

Isn't parenting marvelous, Havasu Bob? Funny how much can be accomplished when you raise responsible adults.