Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spilling My Conservative Guts

     NOTE:  I removed the headline graphic because I just found it so creepy…don't need it anyway…the message is all that matters.                                                        

In three short years I have contributed over 800 original blog entries to to this blog.  I have written about everything under the sun and have bared my soul to anyone who chooses to read them.  And yet, I still get comments that seemed to insinuate that, somewhere within me, lives a compromising soul, and that I'm capable of being re-indoctrinated into a person more receptive to the current morality.

Let me clear that up for you once and for all.

I am an extreme Tea Party Patriot who believes the government should defend us from our enemies, defend our borders, maintain law and order, care for the sick and the elderly, and then leave us the hell alone.  

I believe the more government we get the more waste, fraud and abuse we get.  I believe, where governing is required, it should be a the lowest possible level of authority.  I believe the state is more efficient in managing programs than can the federal, and the county authority is even better…the closer the government is to the people, the better they understand the people's problems.

I believe in shipping those 30 million illegal Mexicans back home, without hearings.  That includes the eight or ten year old toddlers who only speak English because this is the only country they've ever known.  I believe they need to return to Mexico with their criminal parents, if only to set an example that says no one shall be rewarded for violating our immigration laws.  I would make one exception; for those Mexicans 18 to 25, I would offer them four years service in the military, or four years of a nationally recognized community service program…and then award them with citizenship for their service.  They would have earned it and have a stake in our future.

I believe in stopping all government aid to children that rewards single parent and unmarried households with taxpayer money for pre-school, all day kindergarten, WIC, welfare, Section 8 housing, IRS Child Tax Credits after the first two children, and any other programs that says it's okay to breed what you can't support yourself.  To insure the children are cared for I would take the children away from these human trash parents and offer them up for adoption by folks who can't have children, or are willing to bring them up responsibly.  

Although I do not support terrorism, at this point, I would get gloriously drunk if someone decided to take out Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Durbin and Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel and Jessie Jackson and Wasserman-Shultz and 99 percent of all Congressional Reps in California as well as the Sacramento statehouse.

All I want from the gay community is for them to shut the hell up, live with all their rights and privileges protected, and just leave me alone.  I have rights also; the right to believe in traditional marriage without being labeled racist, narrow-minded or homophobic.

The greatest single thing we could do for our country is to hire 100,000 auditors whose job would be to ferret out all waste, fraud and abuse in every state and federal program and give them ten percent of every thing they find.

I would make every parent pay a ten percent surcharge on their property taxes, with renters fined a thousand bucks if they don't show up at PTA meetings and find out what the hell their child is learning in school.  I would fire half of all school administrators, fire all the bad teachers, and pay $150,000 a year to the good teachers who are trying to educate our kids.

I would impose the death penalty for repeat felons, drug pushers, child molesters, murderers and rapists.  

I would limit food support programs to the issuing of basic commodities at government run warehouses and I would end food stamp cards and welfare ATM cards immediately.

I would eliminate the federal income tax and implement a national sales tax on everyone who enjoys living here, so that everyone would have "a dog in the hunt" and start caring about government waste.

I could go on and on here..but you readers who urge me to coddle and mollify liberals, get my drift.  I am not a RINO  or pseudo conservative….as Popeye said to Olive Oyl, "I yam what I yam".  Sorry.

If you're looking for compromise go see John McCain or Jeff Flake or Paul Ryan, all those who value their seat of power more than they do their conservative principles.


Anonymous said...

A perfect example why the Tea Party will die lonely death.

DeAnna Paris RN said...

You forgot ending the FED.
We need to coin our own money and not pay interest on our own money to an international banking cartel.

2 End jail prison time for petty offenses. Legalize drugs. Sorry but this is an issue of stopping crime...real crime....let the herd cull itself...stop imprisoning folks for using drugs...eep the real violent criminals locked up....we have very high recidivism in the most violent criminals...don't let them out...keep the petty shit out of prison and keep the most violent locked up...our current system benefits an increasingly out of control prison industrial complex and not keeping our streets safe. all non violent crimes...don't imprison...make them pay us back via fines or work programs that benefit the tzxpayer not bill the taxpayer and not the criminal. Make the criminals PAY us....not a prison industrial complex.

End the death costs too damn much...and there's too many innocents on death row...
i have other ideas for saving money regarding the care and treatment of prisoners

I could go on and would love to engage you in a discussion sometimes when I have more time...

Jerry Carlin said...

Yep, listen to anonymous, he's right.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon…those are almost the same words one of our founding fathers used just after the Boston Tea Party. When Sam Adams came to his cousin, John, and urged him to join their cause, John Adams refused, believing the revolt would die a lonely death.

A year later John Adams would be the key figure in working to declare our Independence. And, like you weak-kneed liberals, the majority of the colonies were "loyalists"..or Tories.

No, the revolution, and our freedom, came from those tough nuts who dared to say men rule and government serves.

Sadly, folks like you have been bought off with a green check, or you have succumbed to the Jim Jones/Obama/Pelosi/Reid Kool-aid.

As the deficit gets bigger, as Obamacare rolls out in all its inefficient glory, as we become the laughing stock of the world, the Tea Party army will grow, thrive and triumph

Carol said...

It is extremely annoying to me that the government has worked it's way into many facets of our lives, truly believing that THEY know what's best for US. NOT! Many current issues have been brought into current sitcoms & other shows meant to entertain, which is why I've given up watching so many of them! I do NOT want the issues crammed down my throat. I also believe in the original foundation this great country was founded on. It's time to unite & stop the gov't from growing. We've lost so much of the 'backbone' the founding fathers built! Kudos to you for speaking out.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Carol. You know, just this morning I was reading the paper and they were talking about the new nutrition rules on the foods we consume. I thought immediately "why isn't the state taking that responsibility? Why in the world do we need the feds getting that involved in our lives?

You probably read my blog the other day about mandatory calorie counts on vending machines…do the feds really believe that stops anyone from eating junk food? Nah..they know it doesn't…it's
just something they can use to screw with business and consumers.

As to my position on returning ten year old children to Mexico, well, all I can say is that the sweep of history always catches the's happened thousands of times in world history and it's happening now all over the world. It's tough but it's the only thing that will convince the invaders that they can't squat and settle and suck the life blood from our nation. Same story on the rather harsh federal benefit restrictions after two kids…sorry but our current policies only encourage reckless breeding and dependency.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you suck and your kind is a dying breed howling your futility to the wind because the world is leaving you behind for the obsolete extinction you are. At least you had the balls to put it out there and own up that this garbage is what you are. I guess you deserve a little credit for that.

A Modest Scribler said...

Proud to be of that dying breed, anon. Which part of YOUR new world do you love best; the $17 trillion dollar deficit? the explosive rise of illiteracy of our young people? the rising violence? the collapse of the work ethic? the decline in our moral standards? the explosive rise of Islamic militancy? the collapse of the middle class? the rising cost of living?

Be happy with your new world…I'm not.

Craig Bailey said...

It is like you read my mind, for the most part.Why do the liberals always comment as anonymous?I would be grinning for days and days watching the illegals have to walk home, the encore of watching the, hopefully painful, termination of the libtard losers you mentioned.To quote Martin Luther King "I have a dream"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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