Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things I'd Like To See Just Once


You see it in the paper or on your morning show just about every day.  Some 90 year old couple are celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  Inevitably they'll trot out the ancient wedding picture, and they'll be asked what's the secret to their long term marriage success.  

Just once I'd like to hear those old folks say "hell, I don't know…mostly it's just living long enough to get this far."  Then Harold chimes in and says "she was a really good lay before we got married, then  soon as the first kid was born she thought sex was nasty and rationed it out once a month or so."
Then old Marge would counter with "well Harold, if you had considered taking a bath more than once a week I might have been more willing to sleep with you!"  To which Harold replies "sleep with me?…hell, we've been in separate beds our entire marriage!"…sleeping in a single bed three feet from the wife…hell, I was more intimate with my army buddies in a bunk closer than that!"  "Well, if you didn't snore like a freight train we might not have had to go to separate bedrooms!"   

Yep…just once I'd like to see the "true shit" revealed cause I know things weren't as rosy as old Harold and Marge are making it out to be.  Hell, they probably stopped slugging each other about the time they became eligible for Social Security…too old and frail by that time to do any real harm, so they stuck it out right into the old folks home.  Just once…..

Just once I'd like to hear a politician, after he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or busted for frequenting a D.C. Madam, or taking "selfies" of his 4 inch manhood, just say "honestly, I'm not sorry for what I did…"I'm just sorry I got caught".  Then, as he stands at the press podium, adoring wife at his side, the wifey pulls out a .38 snub nose and plugs him then and there.

Just once I'd like to see Barry jump into Air Force 1 and tour all the inner city neighborhoods and scold Black thugs for their culture of violence….then go and address every freshman high school class and tell them that half of them will be dropouts before they graduate, that their future will be a life of welfare and dependency and the highest job position they'll ever hold is as a burger flipper at Wendy's.  And all because of the apathy of teacher's unions and their own parents.

Just once I'd like to see Obama walk into a military hospital and, as he's touring  bed to bed, tell the injured vet that VA care is so bad he'll wait six months to get an appointment..and oh, by the way, I'm cutting $80,000 dollars from your pension.

Just once I'd like to see a Democrat tell his liberal constituents that we're $17 trillion dollars in debt…so you're gonna have to go find a job.

Just once I'd like to see every member of Congress who are just itching for our involvement in another Muslim war zone, form the first contingent of troops deployed, along with their adult age children.

Just once I'd like to see Obama speak to a crowd of Americans who represent the entire spectrum of political beliefs, and not the hand picked audience of naive college students, adoring union members, teachers unions or the entire population of San Francisco, California.  I'd like him to hear the full force of America's anger…instead of the ever-smiling glad handed kool aid drinkers that he always mobilizes for one of this speeches.  

And finally, I'd like to see Barry actually work at a real American job, live in the typical American household, budget the family meals, balance the monthly checkbook, and then, after the bills have been paid, explain how that middle class family is going to be able to afford his annual $20,000 dollar Obamacare premiums.


Jerry Carlin said...

The Truth? We can't handle the truth!

A Modest Scribler said...

Looking forward to reading YOUR blog, Jerry. Nothing easier than to read six news sources, collect stats, facts and figures from government sites, collate and digest the info, then sit down and write at least a semi-literate blog every day…seven days a week.

Let me know when your blog is up so that we can all learn from your infinite wisdom.

Jerry Carlin said...

Ha, I have no infinite wisdom! You are doing well on your own grasshopper! Remove the chip(s) and more light will appear. You will discover that "we have met the enemy and he is us"!
My blog? I have two. One about my experience with cancer and the other
mostly about my experience with art.

Anonymous said...

A typical Mr. Magoo view of reality.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon; re, 'a typical Mr. Magoo view of reality', perhaps you're right. Why don't you offer YOUR answers for solving the world's ills. It is all too easy to throw out one liners, quite another to deal with the complicated issues of the day.

And which, of those I wrote, do consider specious and narrow sighted?

Anonymous said...

If you believe the article addresses any of the issues it discusses in a realistic approach then you are very far from being misguided.
Just like the ACA, where are the conservatives alternate plan other than elimination?

Anonymous said...

After reading your Blog, all I can think to write is this. DUDE, you rock!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, there are more than 800 blogs here. More than half of them offer specific, solid solutions for fixing this government. You may search by subject matter.. again, don't throw out a one liner without choosing to do the necessary work to learn on your own.

AND there is 'addition by subtraction'…on the matters i wrote about today, just stopping all the bullshitting would go far in improving our lot.

Anonymous said...

Shooting your spouse is a "solid solution"?
"Scolding Black Thugs" for a violent culture?
You should take your own advice and "stop the bullshitting".

Anonymous said...

Here's your "just once" after a Republican public office holder was convicted of some wrong doing.


A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, isn't it ironic that only a Republican could muster up enough decency to kill himself. A liberal will never do that, i.e. Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton…being libtards they just pretend it didn't happen, pour more libtard kool aid down the throats of their followers and run for office!

And, sadly, the poor Republican bastard that did do himself in may have been innocent but hounded so hard by hypocrite liberals that he decided he'd had enough.

Anonymous said...

"Things I'd Like To See Just Once"

So I give you a specific example of what you asked for and you still try to spin the facts. Typical.

Read the article and "search by subject matter" (as you suggest).

A Modest Scribler said...

I did read the article, researched it on wikipedia…and what did I learn? That the witness against poor
Dwyer recanted his testimony in 2010…admitted he lied just to get a lighter sentence.

Haven't seen Bubba, Hillary, Rangel, Sharpton, or Weiner face up to their sins…nope..pour the kool-aid down those libtard throats and run for higher office…

Perhaps most disgusting was Hillary's "what do their deaths matter" comment on our brave troops in Benghazi…lots of folks are going to remember that in 2016.

Okay, I'm done with you…have given you more than enough of my time…whine an empty room.

Anonymous said...

If you can't take the rebuttal maybe you shouldn't post. It's obvious you don't have the balls for it.

Anonymous said...

Your contributions are caustic and not the least bit constructive.