Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frat Boys and Thugs


Okay, this one is gonna get me in trouble.  It's gonna provide ammo for libtards to brand me a sure fire racist…but here goes anyway.

This past week, coinciding with Martin Luther King's birthday, a bunch of dumb fraternity brothers at Arizona State University threw a "Black thug" party in honor of the most popular Blacks in American culture these days.  So they died their hair various colors, donned pro basketball jerseys, or the attire of rap and hip hop artists, then partied the night away.

Word got out quickly and pics of these idiots showed up on Facebook and the outrage began.  "How could these people despoil the legacy of Dr. King by making fun of Black people?"  "How dare they?"

Now keep in mind that this fraternity had already been blackballed by the university, and the party was held off campus.  

So how did the noble and upright Black community react?  The local chief of the NAACP demanded an immediate audience with University Chancellor Crow saying "if he doesn't' meet with us immediately we're going to boycott and march against the university's plan to build a new football stadium."  

Well, this got my dander up a bit.  Says I, "what does the activity of a group of blackballed fraternity idiots have to do with upgrading an 80 year old football stadium?"  "Why should some 200,000 students, players and fans be punished for the behavior of such a small group of idiots..idiots not representative of the community at large.  Let me tell you nobody kisses Black ass better than the university community in Tempe, Arizona!  So what's the deal?

The deal indeed is that Blacks, again, are bullying the large collective white guilt coalition that caters to their constant and enduring whines.  

Secondly, who were these idiots really making fun of?  Are Black urban thugs, Black basketball hoopsters and rap artists worthy of protecting?  Are these people contributing to the betterment of the Black community?  And an even deeper question:  Why isn't the NAACP condemning these vulgar, violent and despicable icons that create a culture of crime and sloth and hate throughout every urban community in our nation?

Nope..being the two faced hypocrites that they are, the NAACP and a whole slew of offended Blacks are up in arms and they aim to slice up a good hunk of the most innocent and the most vulnerable.

Those frat boy idiots weren't mocking Dr. King.  They weren't reciting the "I Have A Dream" Speech…they were mocking the most visible and prevalent cultural influence on Blacks today; the rappers and thugs and hardwood gang bangers in the NBA.

This is the classic example of the duplicity of the new crop of Blacks.  They wouldn't know a damn thing about Dr. King's message but they are damn good at playing the old race card.

Sad. Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Typical of a group whining for equality only then wanting to be treated different. Reverse the races of everyone involved in this and the lunacy becomes evident.

Craig Bailey said...

I think Dr. King would have already been very vocal about the rappers and thug being a bad influence.NAACP ( North American Association of Caucasian People)I do not who whines more blacks or Raider fans after a loss.Have a good day.

HavasuRob said...

Having been in college and being a previous idiot. Is this really news worthy? I personally laughed my ass off! The whole thing is ridiculous. Healthcare? Low labor rate? Nah. Frat boys being frat boys. That's news. Oh. And justin briber. Now that's sad. What we as a nation really care about!

Anonymous said...

Pop culture is so detrimental it distracts from real issues and dumbs down the masses.