Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Income Gap "Pap"


The Socialist Liberal Democratic Party has been bemoaning the widening gap between our nation's wealthy and the nation's poor.  And they are certainly right.  During the last five years the gap between rich and poor has widened another six percent, higher than at any time in the last three decades.  

The liberals attribute the gap to some conspiratorial plan by the rich to further impoverish the lower economic classes.  Absolutely not true!  In fact, greed being what it is, the rich would prefer that the poor be capable of purchasing the very goods and services they sell that brought them wealth in the first place.

In the continuing irony of all liberal mish mash, the causes for this ever widening gap between rich and poor can be placed squarely in the laps of the liberals who promote it!  

Let's look at some hard facts:

1) Since Obama took office Black youth unemployment has gone from 19 percent to 30 percent!  You can't dig your way out of poverty without a job and an education.  And since urban Blacks are dropping out of high school at a 50% drop out rate, how can you get a job when you are so illiterate that you can neither read an application nor fill one out?    And since Obama has spent his entire term and a half pushing social agendas, job creation remains dormant....unless he can hook some of those poor Blacks up with a bankrupt solar or electric battery company!

2) Since Obama took office more than 20 million folks, after trying for two or three years to find a job, have given up and left the work force completely.  These folks have drifted back home and live off of Social Security or three generous years of unemployment checks, or have suddenly discovered a "back ache" that got them a nice fat disability check.  For some strange reason 11 million folks have applied for disability during the Obama years, a four fold increase since Obama took office!  You are not going to "enlarge the economic pie" when you drive thirty million people off the payroll!

3) Over fifty million people are now on Food Stamps, another all time high.  Hey, you're not going to get any narrowing of the income gap by encouraging a whole new generation of "victims" who find sustenance with unemployment checks, disability checks and food banks and food stamp cards.  Make it easy enough to avoid work and you'll succeed!  

4) Fifty percent of last year's college graduates are still not employed and have moved back home with mommy and daddy, have no income and contribute to that income gap we are all startled by!  Laden with $1 trillion dollars of student debt, debt that expanded and flourished once Obama opened up the federal purse and passed out student loans like penny candy...and now reality has set in and these unemployed kids have no means to pay back those $80,000 to $200,000 dollar student loans!

5) The most important, and by far the largest cause of the widening income gap came from the precipitous drop in home prices in 2009 that led to home foreclosures of epic proportion!  Why so many?  Because time and circumstance finally caught up with those "no doc./no income/no look" mortgages that the Dodd-Frank-Clinton-Pelosi regime insisted be made to the minority poor.  People that should never have been given a mortgage, people who lied about their income, people with no history of financial responsibility, people who had previously used their local pawn shop, or check-cashing shop as their "bank" were suddenly bestowed $300,000 or $400,000 dollar loans, all made possible by Congressional Mandates that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae issue mortgages to folks who couldn't even make regular and reliable rent payments!

So when the housing collapse came it was all those bogus loans that first went up in smoke.  All of sudden the "paper wealth" of higher and higher home prices came crashing down...and with it, an explosive widening of the income gap between rich and poor.

6) Finally, let's be honest here;  during the last two decades we have absorbed some 30 million illegal Mexicans.  Do liberals believe all those folks were Carlos Slim billionaires?  Hell no! They were Mexico's dregs, the poorest, the criminal class and the the numbers, people!  Throw 30 million illegals into the national mix and you're gonna see a rich/poor income gap like you never thought possible!

And we've all gotten poorer as we have had to educate, medicate and incarcerate these 30 million invaders!  Our car insurance premiums have soared as we deal with car theft and massive hit and run epidemics!  They raid our food banks and strip them clean before needy Americans can get there!  We must pay for more police to patrol their barrios and they drive down American pay rates by taking an American job, working for cash and avoiding taxation.

So let's legalize these 30 million and invite 30 million more!  Let's let them suck the life out of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare...let's contribute even further to the rich/poor income gap!

So, in light of all the problems documented here, let's look at the liberal's Congressional agenda; extend unemployment, feed more borrowed money into welfare and food stamps and WIC and Section 8 housing.  Let's subsidize the medical care of 30 million freeloaders who would rather get a green check than work!  And hurry!  Let's give citizenship to 30 million illegal invaders so that they too can join the entitlement orgy!  

In January the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime was able to implement a huge tax increase, bringing the rates of all taxes paid by the wealthy from 70% to 85% of all taxes paid in this nation (while increasing to over 50% of those who pay not a dime in taxes)...and still the income gap widens and the liberals cry for more sacrifice from the rich!  All liberal pap meant to keep them in power and the poor on the liberal plantation.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Three years of generous unemployment checks? Try less than two years and they aren't generous, they are small pittances to keep someone feed hopefully at the bare minimum. And they aren't just given out of generosity either, they are earned through years of working for those benefits

Any idiot that takes loans out in this economy for 80 to 200 K for a degree is just that, an idiot, totally and utterly.

Why only mention the unemployment rate of black youths?

Jerry Carlin said...

I don't know where to begin! If you take the hate and anger out of this essay you have some valid points.
You negotiate like a maffiosa and you lose clients from your bullying.
Get a grip. Obama will not be impeached, there will be no revolution, those are off the table.
There will be no sudden changes in anything to any direction. That is the way it works.
For the record, the Obama Administration has deported MORE illegals in five years than Bush did in eight years. The issue of Immigration is SUPPOSED to be before Congress this year. Lets see who derails it? and what do you do with a child who is 8 or 10 or whatever who only speaks English and has had no other life?
Would you really have us round them up, maybe even a "final solution"? If we can't compromise on this PROBLEM issue it will get stalled and that would be sad. How about some better laws against employment of illegals? even for mowing your lawn? Sure, why not? a $25,000 fine for the first offence! I would agree to that!
About what "anonymous" said above about "paying in to unemployment".That is really a misconception. The average worker and employer together pay almost nothing into that fund. It was never designed for long term unemployment and is 95% funded from taxpayers.
I agree, it's broken. Let's fix it!

A Modest Scribler said...

i mention the unemployment rate of black youth because it is the most horrendous…and under a Black president.

The Dems have been trying for four years to extend the unemployment period from the current two…to three years. in fact, that is what they are asking for now! According to the bureau of labor statistics the average unemployment check is $1200 per month.

And, whether you like it or not, the average student loan debt is currently $67,000 and climbing, made easier to get so that Obama could campaign on college campuses, exploit the financial illiterate youth…and buy their vote.

Ss, anon…again facts win over emotional ranting.

A Modest Scribler said...

anon, I forgot to add, each of the last five years Congress has had to allocated a hundred billion or so from the general fund and into unemployment money…the program has never been funded to last more than six months….this was just another liberal give-away.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, as long as you lead off by charging me with hate filled rhetoric I'll no longer respond to your comments.

Angry? You damn right! Hate? …just the same old tired liberal tactic used when your defense is poor and you're trying to win an argument.

hate and anger not enough? then I am a mafioso and a bully. Cheers!

Jerry Carlin said...

"Sad. Damned Sad" And typical of hate filled Republicans. Rant and Rave, you all belong on Craigslist!
Good luck with the shouting and preaching to the choir. But, typical of Republicans, you will never get nothing done!

Anonymous said...

One great way to cut down on unemployment numbers for citizens and LEGAL residents is the MANDATORY use of E-Verify for every job on a national basis... If illegals can't get a job of any kind, no reason to be here. Open those jobs to American and LEGAL workers. Seriously penalize any employer who knowing hires any illegal over a legal worker!

Stop handing out the reward of ALL WELFARE benefits to anyone who can't prove they are born here or came here LEGALLY! STOP rewarding these LAWBREAKERS!!

The plague of locusts are also bringing in are diseases such as TB, ETC because they have not been medically checked out BEFORE coming here!

And yet our politicians are pandering for votes by issuing driver licenses to illegals! Here in Las Vegas we have way too many illegals getting into an accident and then running away (Hit & run)and of course they're not licensed or insured! Today they will be "licensed".. Sickening

The only thing these parasites deserve is a one way ride back to wherever they come from! If they return and get caught, 5 years in prison!

A Modest Scribler said...

Agreed with all, Anon. Tough love for illegals and blood sucking parasites.

Craig Bailey said...

If they want to help close the gap why don't they donate all their money.Excuse me I forgot libs are the stingiest creatures ever with their money.

Brian Kalifornia said...

Jerry, your not tired or angered by all the waste and fraudulant money taken from the unsupervised/unaudited government programs. I would think anyone who pays taxes would be angered by the waste, I know I am.

You liberals throw the "hate" word at anything you disagree with or that does not fit your liberal agenda. "Hate" is a powerful word. Yes we Conservatives are "Angered" but we don't hate like you libs think. I don't like being lied to or treated like I'm an idiot (from both sides of the aisle) but I don't hate anything.

We as a Country can't continue to support everyone on every program. There comes a time when people have to pull up their boot straps and fend for themselves. We have to many lazy and dihonest people with their hands out. Don't get me wrong, there are people who legitamitley need help and I feel we should help them but not to the extent we do now.

There are lots of things wrong with our system. You always ask the "Scribler" to stop complaining and give you solutions. That is easier said then done because politician's on both sides of the aisle don't have the BALLS to "pull the trigger" to get the ball rolling and the libs don't have the balls to cut back on their give away programs.

We need to just start cutting, of course it's going to effect people. hopefully this will be the catalyst for them to get off of their asses and do something...... like get a job!

Modest Scribler, I enjoy your writings (guess I'm a kool aid drinker) I agree with 99.99% of your facts, opinions and thoughts. I'm just a simpleton trying to get through life. I was on unemployment back in 89 for 4 months, found a job and haven't looked back.

"waiting for the first shot"

A Modest Scribler said...

Amen, Brian…and I do give solutions…it's just not solutions they want to hear…but they are the only ones that work.

A Modest Scribler said...

By the way,'re not a kool aid drinker…kool-aid drinkers are those idiots on the street for Leno and Kimmel who don't know who the first President was, or when we fought World War II…or even who our enemies were…

Kool-aid drinkers are so damn ignorant they just swallow the liberal mantra and repeat it word for word because they don't have an original thought in their head.
Kool-aid drinkers think the government can keep those green checks coming forever, with free phones and food stamp cards, and free medical, with an annual bonus from the IRS for breeding six or eight babies.

You're not a drinker…you're a 'produce', and are hated by Obama and his party of fools.