Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Consideration: Why God Made A Liberal


Remember Job…the Bible one!  Yeah, for you sectarians, that poor dude that God threw all kinds of calamities at, just to test his faith.  Well, I'm not big on the Old Testament.  Remember it was written by some Middle East religious fanatics who dreamed up 800 year old men, floods and the parting of the Red Sea.  And it's been translated in and out of a dozen languages about a hundred times, so I'm guessing something's been lost in those translations.

But I digress.  Back to Job and all his worldly burdens.  I'm beginning to think that God put liberals on the earth as the burden "normal thinking" people have to carry as a test of their moral strength and patience.  For example, the "well-read" here will surely remember all of those brain studies they did back in the 80's…the one's that showed the chaotic breakdown in those little brain tentacles that connect conscious thought and reason to the temporal lobe or something in liberal brains.   Maybe that's good science and maybe it's not….but, from our own layman observations, we know how liberals massively fail at rational thought….they seem to "emote" endlessly, their thought processes so stunted that they simply can't reason.  Try to imagine a set of porch steps…the normal mind will focus on taking that first step…but, in his peripheral vision, he's able to see steps 2, 3 and 4!  A liberal becomes so focused on step 1 he ends up tripping and busting his ass on step 2!!

Let me give you an example.  The Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic featured a three page spread on the costs to taxpayers for birthing, feeding, medicating and educating an army of babies birthed by unwed mothers.  The article goes on to say that, in 1980 a mere 18 percent of Arizona births was by unwed mothers.  Today that percentage has risen to an astounding 47%!   Annual costs to taxpayers just for the medical bills?  $100 million a year!  The article goes on to say that the costs of welfare, 
WIC, Section 8 housing, taxpayer funded pre-school, kindergarten, free breakfasts and lunches at school, Pell grants, Medicaid, add up to nearly $2 billion dollars a year out of a state budget of $10 billion or so.  Now keep in mind, the Arizona Republic is a Gannett owned liberal newspaper that pines mightily for the poor, whether legal, or illegal!  Also keep in mind that the two billion that Arizona spends on these kids does not include federal dollars!  

Now try to imagine how much greater the spending on the unwed and their offspring that Illinois, or California, or Maryland, Detroit, or New York spend to birth and raise what in a less kind era would have been called millions of little bastards!  

Okay, we laid out the problem.  Let's see how liberals approach it.  While a conservative will say we have a moral problem with that 18% of unwed birthings in 1980 to the unimaginable 47% today.  I mean, really, how is the breeding of six kids, with the full knowledge that you can't support them, that their support will come from the is that any different than someone who goes in and robs a bank?  Hell, the robbery is a hell of a lot cheaper to handle!

And here is the liberal response:  "the growth of unwed births is simply the result of women's liberation"…"it says to society that women have the right to decide what they will do with their own bodies"…."and, though it is expensive, we can't focus on the costs"…"we must think of the kids…the innocent kids who have no fault in the matter".  

Those liberal words have given women a blank check to people the nation with illiterate, drug-taking, violent thugs who infest every city in America.   Every study done has shown that a huge swath of unwed kids, growing up in a one-parent, poverty stricken household will grow up to repeat the same mistakes as their mom, and become still another burden on the taxpayer, via welfare or prison.   Every time the liberals choose to raise your taxes "it's for the children" (and how can anyone deny the plight of children).  

Now, a rational person will think "we have got to stop this…"not only can we not afford it with our massive deficit and $17 trillion dollar debt,  but it is destroying the national character". It punishes the moral and productive and rewards the irresponsible!"  A rational person knows that the only way to resolve the problem is to stop rewarding bad behavior.  As a first step, let's stop supporting an unwed mom after the first one.  Give them "one pass".   After that, the cost of their birth, housing, food, medical care…it's all on the "liberated mom".  If she can't support what she breeds, take the kids away, put them in foster care, put them up for adoption.  They will certainly be no worse off than if this "breeder bitch" raises them! And, if the bitch continues to breed, throw her ass in prison until menopause!   And chase down the "the semen donator" and throw his ass in jail as well!

Now, a liberal will equate the above proposition with massive "inhumanity to man…or woman".  I say it's inhumane for more than half of all local, state and federal taxes going toward supporting an army of bastards.  We can't pay our teachers well enough to recruit good ones, we can't fix our roads and bridges, working families are being taxed to death to support this sloth and that is inhumane to the truly humane.

Time for some tough love for those who "make love" and send us the bill!

But maybe, just maybe God is testing us..maybe we ARE old Job, and maybe God is saying that "if they're not tough enough to knock a few liberals on their ass, if they aren't tough enough to ration out a little tough love to the slothful, maybe they don't deserve what I gave them for the last three centuries."

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Craig Bailey said...

Since we know who the breeder bitches are, why give them the opportunity to be irresponsible a second time.Before they leave the hospital with that first kid give them a free fix(tubes tied).