Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fix The Health Care System? Deregulate.


Those politicians who aren't blowing smoke up your rectum will freely admit that Medicare officially goes bankrupt this year.  This year marks the turning point where Medicare costs exceed the revenue that Medicare taxes bring in.

And, we all know, just from looking at those health care premium increases that Obamacare is clearly not working.  That 25% reduction in premiums that Obama promised has evolved into an average 25% increase!  Clearly, anything the government seeks to manage always ends in failure. 

So how do we fix this nation's healthcare system?  The answer is to deregulate.  One only need look at how the deregulation of airline fares brought about a dramatic reduction in airline fares to see how getting the government's fingers out of our business always resolves the problem.

Ironically, it was "Jimmah Carter" who deregulated the airlines back in 1978.  Seems that, as the government stopped setting the fare schedules, our nation's airlines were forced to compete in a free market.  Look at the chart below to see what kind of profound effect that had on ticket prices:


While I readily admit that Republicans came late to the table to fix our health care woes, it is they who offer the best solution to health care costs.  1)  Allow health care companies to market across state lines 2) Put an immediate halt to all those ambulance chasers who sue and drive up the costs of health care for everybody...cap the amount of damages one can receive for malpractice.  3)  Issue tax credits to the impoverished and allow them to buy their own health care a free and open market...with real competition.

We now spend more than double what the other leading industrial nations spend on their health care programs...and it's simply not working.  Note that even Obamacare relieves only 8 million Americans from their health care woes, forces no one to assume responsibility for their own state of health, and simply places the cost burden onto working Americans paying their own health care as well as 8 million free loaders and another 30 million on Medicaid, millions of whom are gaming the system...and without a single government audit to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.

We all know that if Hillary gets elected it will get even worse...she wants to expand Obamacare so that we can medicate those 30 million illegals currently in our midst.

Instead we need to elect a President who's smart enough to realize we need far less regulation..and far more deregulation.  Get the government out of the way and we'll all be better off.


Brian Clancy said...

Competition in the market creates a self regulation of the market.

A Modest Scribler said...

Absolutely, Brian. When the government stays out of the way, and allows free markets to run, the most efficient and cost effective win.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Trump and Cruz promise to do just that. Hillary promises to keep Obamacare. No brainer.