Friday, March 18, 2016

"Hang Em High...And Let God Sort It Out"


In the movie "An Ox-Bow Incident" a rancher is shot and cattle are stolen. The rancher's neighbors form an unofficial posse, intent on tracking down the guilty. They come across three men herding some cattle, detain them, and form a lynch mob. The three men proclaim their innocence again and again, but the angry mob chooses vengeance over reason.

They hang those three men, then begin riding back to town. En Route they encounter the Sheriff who informs them the rancher survived being shot and identified the real guilty party whom the Sheriff has in custody.

The men in the lynch mob are stunned. They ride back to town, stumble into the saloon, and stand at the bar, gazing into the mirror at the bar back with thousand mile stares...knowing they have wrongly hung three innocents.

That lynch mob today would be called "Trumpers"..angry beyond reason, unwilling to listen, or even think...just hang the first people you see and let God sort it out later.

I feel sorry for America. The perfect storm of time and events has come along to insure Hillary Clinton's election, more liberal Democrats in the House and a Democratic take-over of the Senate.

The Trumpers can then stand at the bar, gaze at their own reflection in the mirror, and stand and watch liberal judges appointed to the courts, a revocation of the 2nd Amendment, amnesty for 30 million illegal Mexicans, eight more years of appeasing radical Muslims, urban Black thug ass-kissing like you've never seen before, higher taxes and Hillary's grand sell out of our institution she hates beyond reason.

Sad. Damned Sad.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

And it's people like you who will put her there. That's even sadder.

Jeff H. said...

The thing I find sad is after 7 years of the worst president in my lifetime the republicans couldn't stop infighting long enough to find a viable candidate. This election should have been a landslide victory for them, especially against Obama II. Now they are all upset - too little, too late!

Brian Kalifornia said...

Scrib, your killing me. I'm not a huge fan of Trump, or Cruz, and sure the hell don't trust "Amnesty" Rubio. But "we" as American's are tired of the usual career politician's. Hell your even tired of the career politician. With Trump your right we don't know what we're going to get. But at least with him he's says what we as American's are tired of, business as usual politician's. I agree he hasn't acted very Presidential, but who am I to complain about his salty language, I'm a bull in a china shop myself.

I, like most American's are sick and tired of all the bullshit and fucking lying! PERIOD! I'll take my chances on Trump, the worst he can do is no where near how much Killery and Bernie is going to fuck us all. That's tax paying working citizen's. Just wanted to clear that. So I say good luck to all of us.

Plus, it looks like the republican establishment is not going to let the us the "people" choose who they want to represent them.

I'm waiting for the first shot

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Atta boy Brian. Someone with some common sense on the blog. Seems to be a complete lack of it. To focus on Trumps few shortcomings over Killary's MANY is asinine.