Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is Trump Right About "All Muslims?"


Donald Trump continually asserts that our allies in the Middle East have been getting a free ride for too long.  Well, i'm not exactly defending Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, and Qatar, but Trump's ignorance of those countries is legend.

in 1991 I stood in a conference room in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and witnessed Saudi Arabia present the U.S. with a $37 billion dollar pay for Saudi's share of the Gulf War.  Kuwait shelled out tens of billions as well.  (When's the last time a European country paid us back for our wars to rescue them?  They haven't paid a dime back for the Marshall Plan...or Lend Lease, or even War loans!)

And, while working in Saudi Arabia for a decade, I walked into a Safeway ever week and bought Folger's Coffee and Sara Lee Cakes and America fruits and vegetables.  Every grocery in Saudi Arabia is stocked with thousands of American food products.  Go into a shopping mall and you'll find American products all over.

Walk any construction site in Saudi and you'll see John Deere and Caterpillar.  

Saudi's wash their clothes in American made washing machines and cook their food with American appliances.

And since I worked in Foreign Military Sales I can tell you that Saudi spends tens of billions of dollars in purchases of aircraft and defense parts.  Were it not for Saudi defense purchases half of our defense supply depots would be closed down.  Each time the U.S. government goes out for their annual parts purchase bids it is Saudi money that keeps hundreds of American manufacturers in business...and they pay for some of our own aircraft production, just to keep the production lines open!    Raytheon and Boeing and every other American defense manufacturer would have to lay off tens of thousands of highly paid workers if Saudi Arabia stopped buying American.

Yes, we buy oil from Saudi Arabia...but billions of that oil money are returned to the U.S. as we send food and manufactured goods back to them.  And Saudi Arabia employs thousands of American technical and defense workers.  (Do you think Europe plays as fair?  No way!  We have tens of thousands of troops still in Europe but they are not buying American the way the Saudis and Kuwaiti's do!

Sadly, Obama has abandoned our allies in the Middle East...leaving them doubtful that we have their backs.  Trump has made it worse by castigating all Muslims, and charging our Middle East friends of not being our allies.  If you think the region is a mess now, just wait until Trump insults them and drives them into the arms of Russia, or even worse, radical Muslims!

It is amazing to see how an idiot like Trump can spout pure idiocy, with his followers swallowing his bullshit as truth.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Keep mocking President Trump. Every badmouth brings more people into his camp.

A Modest Scribler said...

Trump will never be President. He's going to lose about as bad as Goldwater in '64. But you keep on dreamin...(and Trumpin, Frank)

TheRandyGuy said...

Let's take your assertion as true, that Trump will never be President. You WILL have President H.R. Clinton. Since your intense dislike of Trump has been made clear - and you understand what the alternative will be, I would hope you would refrain from whining about a Clinton reign.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, my blog has made my position clear on both Trump and Killary. Since I began voting in 1972 I have never stayed home on election day. This year, if Trump is the nominee I will....sometimes you have to stand on principle when both candidates are so repugnant you can't find a way to support them. I don't like Trump's tone, I don't like his style, I don't believe he's a Conservative, I believe he's lowered the civility of politics even worse than it was. 60% of Republicans feel as I do. Some of them will swallow hard and vote for Trump, and many millions of us never will.

As to what I write, and when I write, I'll damn well decide that for myself. Until you Trump stormtroopers gain the capacity for taking away my freedom of speech I'll continue to do so....about anyone and anything I like.

Sometime in the near future I'll take a hiatus from blogging. But you can be damn sure that if I choose to write, no intimidation from the Trumpers will stop me.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. You're risking having to eat those words(Trump will never be President) and you're opening yourself up for a real mocking. I would never say never because after Obama twice, I've learned my lesson. You obviously have not. You're entitled to your opinion, but you leave absolutely no wiggle room and that is suicide. Trump gets the nomination, He'll tear Hillary up. All the skeletons will be exposed. Trump knows the Republicans pansy assed with Obama. He won't make the same mistake with Hillary. No silencers on the guns. And no one is going to tell him how to run his Campaign. He's a Businessman and knows if he trys to fool the people, it will cost him dearly financially. He won;t take the chance. He''s for real. Is he infallible? No. He could lose. But your saying he can't win. And you are wrong. And if he wins? Your blog is toast because no ones going to read it. No one will ever believe anything you say(unless they are Idiots).

TheRandyGuy said...

I'm not voting for Trump, as I've told you before - I'm done with that. The Presidency is, for the most part, irrelevant in the lives of the real people of America. Our taxes always go up, regardless of what letter follows the name of the pol. That's about it. I do not understand the extreme anxiety and euphoria people feel when they look at politics, I really don't. That is a game that has been rigged for years - we have practically no input into any of it. Vote, they tell us, or.... What? Bad things will happen? This government is nothing like what was intended for the nation - who really cares? Our lives are not impacted to any significant degree by what DC does and here's another ugly truth - If it ever gets to that point where they do, in fact, impact our lives - there is little to nothing we can do about it. So, Trump, Hillary, what difference does it make? Very little.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, well, first of all, I believe I'm in good company as 60% of Republicans are "Not Trumpers". Even if you account for the "nose holders", the ten percent or so of Republicans who might hold their nose and vote for Trump, will not bring him victory. If I'm wrong, big fucking deal! How much are you paying to read this blog? Hey! If you don't wish to read my blog, don't let the door hit you in the ass! As far as my readers go, I've only heard you and half a dozen other Trumpers who support him so I'm not much worried about long as I choose to write.

And, if you find me wanting, no problem. I'm not exactly enamored by you folks who support a guy who talks about penis on stage, denigrate women, behaves like a psychotic, pimps steaks and bottled water, and so dreadfully stupid he speaks only in generalities because he is utterly ignorant of national and foreign policy issues. What does that say about you?

Frank Krzesowiak said...

You only choose to see what you want to see. Try looking at the BIG PICTURE! He will be a take no shit President. Just what the Doctor ordered. NO MORE PUSSY PRESIDENTS!!! And, I will once again thank you for the years of fun/informative blogs. And, the opportunity to speak my piece. No grudges here. Just a disagreement. We''ll see who's right(me). :)

A Modest Scribler said...

You're welcome, Frank, for any of the thousands of blogs I've written that you enjoyed. No grudges here either. I understand political passions as I have a few of my own.