Friday, April 1, 2016

Senior Swing Club Bust In Sun City!


                         Senior Swing Club Bust In Sun City

Arizona Republic 
April 1, 2016...0530
Leo Trotter and Denise Fabella reporting.

--  Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies staged a raid Thursday night in Sun City's Bell Recreation Center, 8910 North 99th Avenue.  Arrested were more than 300 seniors who were participating in a group orgy in both the indoor pool and spa facilities of the large, sprawling facility normally frequented during the day by many of Sun City's 40,000 residents.

Sheriff Joe Arpao, in a news conference at the county's downtown Sheriff's Headquarters, said deputies were first alerted to something amiss when a Sun City couple, out walking their dog, noted bizarre goings on in the parking lot of the recreation center.  James and Jan Smerley said they noticed a seemingly unattended RV rocking on its axles and heard loud moaning from what appeared to be a female from somewhere in the RV.

Deputies quickly responded and found one male, age 68, and a female, age 63, in "flagrante delicti", both suspects naked, out of breath, and showing great shock as two squads of sheriff's deputies surrounded the vehicle and ordered them out.

When questioned the suspects admitted that they were members of a group who call themselves "The Sun City Swinging Sensuals", a senior swinging group made up of residents of Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona.  Upon further questioning, the couple admitted to being invitees to a larger swinger's event that was then underway within the recreation facility.

Deputies then called for backup and entered the facility at 11:20 PM.  In the pool area deputies found more than 300 elderly people in various stages of undress, and engaging in sexual activity in and about the pool area.  Another 50 seniors were discovered cavorting in a similar manner in the spa just adjacent to the pool area.

As participants noticed the deputies a mad scramble for swimsuits and flip-flops was on and the senior orgy goers began scrambling out emergency doors on the south side of the facility.  Nearly two dozen deputies standing by outside were able to round up the miscreants and hold them in a confined area, using the pickle ball courts as a holding facility until arrest citations could be issued.

It was not until the wee hours of the morning until deputies finished issuing citations for all those involved.  Participants were charged with public nudity, engaging in sexual acts in a public facility, illegal possession of Mexican Viagra and misuse of a public facility.

Bell Recreation Center Director, Neal Peevy, notified by Sheriff's Deputy around midnight, arrived on scene soon after and stated he was shocked by the brazen misuse of the community facility.  He related that the group had leased the facility for the evening, claiming the group intended to use the pool and spa for a group yoga session as therapy for their osteopathic ills.

The orgy participants were released on their own recognizance, but ordered to appear in The Superior Court of Northwest Maricopa County, Surprise, Arizona on the date specified in the arrest citation.

In an ironic twist, these reporters noticed several dozen seniors, wearing workout clothes and carrying gym bags,  filing into the facility for their early morning workout, even as the naked and half-clad miscreants were being released.  The early gym goers were perplexed and seemed to be wondering what they missed in this normally sedate senior community.

Leo Trotter and Denise Fabela, reporting for the Arizona Republic.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Great story. Any Judge worth his salt would understand that these people have only a limited number of years left to do this. It's the "swan song" for their sex lives. Let them "cavort" in peace as they aren't hurting anyone. Obama, letting go thousands of Criminals would approve. There's millions of Seniors that would love to join them. Get me an invite to the next one, Scribe!! I gladly pay the fine...

Ken said...

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Frank Krzesowiak said...

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A Modest Scribler said...

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Brian Clancy said...

Only just read this but iimmediately thought it was a prank. Well written and quite convincing however. Well done!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Brian! Hope you're having a great weekend.