Monday, March 21, 2016

"Lying, Batshit Crazy Dimocrats"


In the last seven years I've heard your mainstream liberal media pundits deplore the Republican Party's unwillingness to work in a bi-partisan way with the Democrats.  I've heard it a thousand times,  all from the dimwits who have no memory of history.

There's a good reason why there is so much discord in Washington; Democrats today bear no resemblance to the Democrats of the Reagan era.    Democrats today are batshit crazy and they perpetuate their political craziness with a mantra of lies that can only be believed if you've been brainwashed in liberalism by this nation's education system....or through the bribery of handing out federal benefits.

For example, today the Democrats remain in power by telling their followers that they are all victims of a capitalist system that exploits them.  How many economic failures must we see before realizing what a crap load that is!  Can anyone be happy with Obama's 2% GDP growth rate...driven ever lower by an ever increasing socialist regime that punishes business and rewards slackers?  Can anyone be happy by the caravan of companies leaving the U.S. for countries with lower corporate tax rates and fewer regulatory restrictions?  Can anyone be happy with an economy replete with "30 hours or less" jobs because employers want to avoid Obamacare mandates?

Or let's look at how Dems today cater to urban Black thuggery!  Obama and company are loathe to attend the funeral of a cop...but will send whole delegations to the funerals of a Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin...indeed Obama embraces them a "his sons".  Just two weeks ago Hillary had to apologize for calling a thug a thug back in 1994.  And anywhere in America, where a cop shoots a Black thug, Obama and his Justice Department threatens to "federalize" the police force....and penalize a cop who opts to enforce the law!  And yet, as more than 500 people a year are shot dead by Blacks on Chicago's Southside, not a word is uttered from the Oval Office offal who run this country.

Or look at illegal immigration.  Both Clinton and Sanders have promised they'll amnesty 30 million illegal Mexicans.  And they hate the idea of a border wall...simply hate it!  Can you have ever imagined a politician who would ever advocate for not enforcing our immigration laws?  And, as Americans stand by, tens of thousands of illegal Mexicans march in our streets and label anyone who opposes illegal immigration as "racist!".  And this "racist" mantra has been repeated over and over, thousands of times, so that even many Republicans now embrace amnesty!  Few today seem to recognize the higher moral principle...that you don't reward those who violate our immigration laws...ever...because, as we have seen with the most recent only encourages more invasions!

Let's look at the federal budget.  The Democrats of today no longer believe in fiscal responsibility.  They no longer believe there's any "bottom line"....never a limit on federal spending.  Totally ignoring our $19 trillion dollar federal debt, Democrats call for even more deficit spending...for free college tuition, for free health care, for doubling social security payments, for a whole host of federal benefits that might enhance their chances to stay in power.  Democrats have no fear for tomorrow...just write the checks and never balance the checkbook!

The Democratic Party's greatest sin is their duplicity...their willingness to lie and cheat and steal to get what they want.  In fact, their entire political philosophy is built on lies...and they've bred enough of those "47 per centers"...the folks who pay no taxes, those "green checkers" who live off the government tit, to insure that their web of lying will always be taken as truth...that is, until the bills finally come due and folks finally learn the hard truth...that the money has finally run out, and our credit rating stinks so badly that we can no longer borrow our way out of our messes.

So, I don't ever want to hear again how the two parties can't work together to get anything done.  No one can work with a group that are so batshit crazy, so essentially dishonest that there is no longer a middle ground from which to agree...Dems insist you either buy their lies...or step aside.

Obama and company has so ruined both our foreign and domestic policy that a Republican victory this fall should have been a lead pipe cinch.  Sadly, the Republican Party itself has seemed to succumbed to its own brand of crazy.  

God help us all.


Don Done said...

A spot-on post. With walking scum like Hillary, Harry Reid, Obama, Pelosi, the USA has been courting disaster for a long time. Fact is, Democrats convince people with lies better than Republicans convince people with the truth.

Brian Kalifornia said...

He's back everyone. Good post Scrib