Monday, March 28, 2016

Smart TV's and Blowup Dolls


An Indiana man is suing TV manufacturer Vizio for recording his viewing habits on their Smart TV's, then marketing that information to data brokers who, in turn, sell the info to businesses who can then better target their ads to the "injured viewer".  

I feel a bit sorry for the guy, but, hey, all I can say is "get use to it!".  Just look at the right side of your Facebook page.  They do it too.  Google anything on the internet and an hour later it will be showing up on the right side of your FB page.  At this moment Walmart is pimping an egg cooker and a lonely hearts group is showing a rather buxom senior lady looking longingly at me, and urging me to sign up for a little "slap and tickle".

I have a Smart TV but I'm not much worried that LG may be selling my viewing habits to someone.  I mean, really, what marketer is going to be interested in me?  I watch a lot of Andy Griffith re-runs...will they be trying to sell me a Barney Fife pocket bullet?  An Aunt Bee apron?  Will Helen Crump look-a-likes be popping up from a dating site?  (Personally I thought Thelma Lou was far hotter!)  

I also watch Strange Inheritance over on Fox Business Channel.  But any attempt to sell me antiques would be a total waste...I only watch Strange Inheritance is hosted by Jamie Colby and I am in awe of her 40 DD's and her ability to squeeze a size 8 into a size 4!

And I watch the History Channel and C-Span's Book TV...but I already buy books so marketing books to me wouldn't bother me a whit.

Now if Smart TV ever develops the capability to record me, walking around stark naked at midnight, or busts me on late night refrigerator raids, it'll have to go.  For now, I'm okay with them targeting me for 40DD bra ads, or Jaime Colby blow up dolls.  ;)


Brian Kalifornia said...

I just threw up in my mouth with the image of you walking around naked, thanks Scrib. Hope you had a good Easter.

A Modest Scribler said...

Sorry, Brian! Yep, had a great Easter!