Friday, March 11, 2016

"The Emperor Has No Clothes...He's Just Frickin Nuts!"


Tuesday night, in still another one of Donald Trump's "Press Conferences", and after Michigan and Mississippi's "Trump Trollers" gave him 35% of the vote, The Donald staged still another bizarre freak show that he's become famous for.

Trump, offended by Mitt Romney pointing out Trump's business failures, trotted out stacks and stacks of plastic water bottles, a glossy in-house circular pimping his overpriced properties (then calling it a magazine), had his imported Mexican workers haul out the last pack of the now defunct "Trump Steak", then spent the next 45 minutes talking about what a big deal he is.

Not once did Trump talk about the problems of the American people.  And the only time he talked of others it was "lying Ted", or "little Marco".  The rest of the night consisted of a vocabulary limited to "I" and "Me".

I've said if before, and I'll say it again:  I am extremely saddened and disappointed to learn that 35% of the Republican Party truly are as dumb as a board.  Trump flashes a little silver ball about and his trolls follow it to and fro with shiny and vacant eyes, and pay no attention to what he's saying...or more importantly, not saying.

No doubt Trump learned how to manipulate the weak of mind early in his life.  I can just see him, 60 years ago, a yellow haired braggart, standing on a corner in Queens, with half a dozen vapid, adenoidal kids eating up everything he says.  Maybe Donnie pilfered some of Daddy's pocket change off the bedroom dresser and bought his small army of trolls some ice cream....or maybe he didn't need to...there being so utterly stupid they needed no urging to fall for his lines.

To legitimize his "press conference" Trump took about three questions, never answering one of them. Instead, he denigrated the questioner....Trump can't stand anyone who doesn't think he's great.  And Trump has wreaked so much carnage on the campaign trail that he'll never get the other 65% of the Republican Party to support him.  

At one point last night Trump said that no other campaign in history is as wonderful as his....that he is drawing in Independents and Democrats...and no one has ever done that.  Wrong; anyone old enough for Ronald Reagan knows that Reagan brought in millions of Democrats to vote for him.  I knew Ronald Reagan...and Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan.

I will never vote for Donald Trump, nor will I vote for Hillary.  Sometimes, when there are no good choices. you choose "principle".    You "Trumpers" disagree.  If you can't have the "perfect conservative" you choose to follow the guy who will come in and break up the furniture.  I feel sorry for you....and I feel sorry for this country.


Jerry Carlin said...

yeah, me too, sorry and sad and a bit worried. And I wonder "why"? What happened to even want or allow a "Trump" to appear? Dialogue went in the toilet years ago when all of our frustration turned to vitriol and hatred. The perfect soup to bubble up a Trump. A strong leader to cull the weak and inferior and make Germany Great Again!
Remember "Lil Abner"? we have met the enemy and he is us! We did it to ourselves:(

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Jerry. Well, for good or bad, I have to admit that I have the same anger than the Trumpers feel. After the Dems arrogance in 2009, after years of Obama's executive decisions, after this administrations constant championing of every societal freak that creeps out of the woodwork, after years of neglect of both our military and our foreign policy, I wish great ill will toward the Dems.

And I'm serious! My heart is poisoned! When I hear of still another wild eyed law emanating from Sacramento I pray for a San Andreas eruption that sends Pelosi land and all of Mexifornia into the sea. More than once I've prayed for an early bout of some deadly cancer to end Obama's reign. Absent cancer I've hope more than once to wake up some morning and find that some wild eyed radical finally pulled the trigger with Obama's head in the cross hairs.

That wasn't always so, Jerry. When Obama came into office I had hopes for racial healing. Instead, Obama made it worse as he proved to be a divider; economically, socially, racially and religiously.

We all learned that Obama was just a "perty talking head" absent any kind of back bone, proved to be fatally arrogant, and sold out every value that made our country, though not faultless, so much better than anything that had ever come before.

But, even with my anger, I am still rational enough to see charlatans when I see them. None of the others have all of the qualities I seek in a President, but I'm sure Trump has none of them.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

What was that? Looked like a piece of the sky. I think you're right. The sky is falling!! What will we do? Let's run, run so fast that it can't hit us. Good bye Scribe. I've enjoyed your blogs but don;t let the sky hit you on the way out....