Friday, August 5, 2016

Two States Decide America's Fate...every four years


Look at all that red....and the relative paucity of blue.  And yet, every four years those blue states lead us a little further down the road of destruction.  Though there are several wannabes, the big bruisers in New York and California continue to decide our national fate.  And "who" do we have pulling the strings?  A liberal state like California who has somehow managed to legalize half of Mexico...and sent them into public office, and New York, home to New York City, one of the most corrupt cities in the history of the world.

Republicans, in an effort to boost morale, always talk about carrying the "swing states"..Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, and Michigan.  But, really, it's all just chaff....those swing state strategies would be obsolete if we didn't have those New Yorkers and Mexifornians holding the puppet strings.

Meanwhile, all those people living in those red states, sit in their easy chairs, watch what's happening in America, and say "what the hell is going on?"  How did we end up with these liberal elites commanding the national discussion for the relative minority of gays and transgenders and illegal Mexicans and Socialists who now rule the world?  Whatever happened to those leaders who use to worry about jobs and the economy and America's role on the world stage?

Well, sadly, all the "deciders" live in New York and Mexifornia, and they own the leaders who make all those decisions.

The 2nd Civil War cannot come fast enough.


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Don Done said...

Another honest and accurate article. Thank you for writing it. The Civil War you contemplate is already being fought. There are no sounds of normal warfare, only degenerate politicians pandering to an increasingly selfish and degenerate electorate that doesn't give a damn about America.