Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Tyranny of The American Left, Part 2 of The American Revolution Series


This week I'm dedicating all three of my blogs toward calling attention to the growing tyranny of the liberal left.  My contributions this week are meant to shake America's collective shoulders and get them to wake up before it's too late.

I was inspired to write this week's series by Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberly Strassel's newly released book "The Intimidation Game....How The Liberal Left Silences Free Speech".  Declared or not, we've got to at least begin to realize that we are at war with the Brown Shirt Liberals who are doing everything they can to stifle your right to express your personal views...either societal or political.

I intend to lead off all three essays with the above "preamble".  And I'm going to remind you that , if we wait for our government masters to give their approval for a 2nd American Revolution, it will not happen.  Citizens, where would we be if our founding fathers had waited for King George to give his permission to American Independence.  The time is now, people!  Agitate!  Vote!  And, by god, share these blogs with as many people you know!

In 2008 the citizens of California put Proposition 8 on the ballot.  A defense of marriage initiative, Prop 8 opposed recognizing same sex marriage.  The Proposition passed by majority vote.  However, before the law could take effect, the law was struck down as unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court....just as they had struck down a similar defense of marriage law in 2000.

However, the Supreme Court ruling was not enough for the liberal left in California.  They wanted revenge.  Somehow, the California Elections Commission "leaked" the list of everyone who had voted for Prop 8, and all who had donated to the campaign.

Gay vigilantes and their liberal cohorts used that list, to obtain addresses of both businesses and individuals who voted for Prop 8.  And they published the lists of donors and supporters  They initiated boycotts of Hyatt Hotel Chain, the El Coyote Cafe, The Sundance Film Festival and the California Musical Theater among many others.

However, boycotting was not enough.  Catholic churches were fire-bombed, Latter Day Saint churches were sprayed with graffiti.

Even that was not enough for the radical left.  They then formed in large assemblies at people's homes, harassed occupants with obscene phone calls 24 hors a day, threw rocks through windows, even issued death threats.  In Silicon Valley, ground zero for the liberal left, many high tech workers lost their jobs after voting for Prop 8, including the CEO of Mozilla.

The left's agenda was so punishing and so severe that a Field Poll conducted a few months later revealed that a majority of those who voted for Prop 8 said they would never vote for any Proposition on the ballot ever again....fearful for both their lives and their jobs.

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TheRandyGuy said...

This behavior by the left is fairly commonplace, as is the passive response by those victimized. That will change, and we're already seeing it. I'm not a Trumpster, but his willingness to speak the un-PC truth has rattled a good portion of those so used to seeing the right be a punching bag. Trumps"No apologies" modus operandi is fun to watch, if for no other reason than it infuriates those so used to calling the shots (be they RNC RiNOs or Dim panderers). If this continues (the aggressive actions by the left - and it will), you'll soon see the violence they wield used against them by those they have previously counted on being reliable and compliant victims. Any ideas how THEY'LL respond? Whining to LEO's, demanding the "violence" be stopped, etc.... As HRC prepares to take the throne, America is installing a profligate liar with no integrity - and half of the country simply will not go through another 4 years of the BO experience lying on their backs.