Friday, August 12, 2016

The Tyranny of The Left; Part 3 of The American Revolution Series


This week I'm dedicating all three of my blogs toward calling attention to the growing tyranny of the liberal left.  My contributions this week are meant to shake America's collective shoulders and get them to wake up before it's too late.

I was inspired to write this week's series by Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberly Strassel's newly released book "The Intimidation Game....How The Liberal Left Silences Free Speech".  Declared or not, we've got to at least begin to realize that we are at war with the Brown Shirt Liberals who are doing everything they can to stifle your right to express your personal views...either societal or political.

I intend to lead off all three essays with the above "preamble".  And I'm going to remind you that , if we wait for our government masters to give their approval for a 2nd American Revolution, it will not happen.  Citizens, where would we be if our founding fathers had waited for King George to give his permission to American Independence.  The time is now, people!  Agitate!  Vote!  And, by god, share these blogs with as many people you know!
This week I've detailed some of the outrageous tactics the radical left have employed to destroy their opposition.  They were all "minor-leaguers" compared to what Lois Lerner's IRS did to Americans during the election year of 2012.

Lois Lerner, a loyal Obama devotee, and career leftist, decided to take matters in her own hands in 2012, in a well coordinated effort to still the voices of conservatives for the 2012 election.  She ordered an immediate halt for processing the tax free classifications (501's) of any group who espoused conservative principles, especially anyone affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

She succeeded in keeping the vote tamped down, and Hillary and Obama managed to keep Benghazi a secret until after the election...and Obama got himself a second term.  

After the IRS Targeting Scandal finally began to seep out in mid-2013 Lois Lerner already had her defensive ducks lined up.  Like another one of Obama's foot soldiers, the current Democratic nominee, Lois Lerner had conveniently lost a few thousand emails that would have gotten her indicted.  Hell, even after the "lost emails" were found, they got lost again.

So, when Lois Lerner showed up to testify to Congress, she pleaded the 5th, then proceeded to offer a two hour opening statement about how the IRS targeted no one.  And sadly, after two more years of a sham investigation, Eric Holder's Justice Department found no wrong-doing, just as Obama had declared repeatedly in the intervening years.

So, score one more for the radical left.  The guy who promised to run the most transparent administration in history piled the IRS scandal atop Fast and Furious and Benghazi and all those "100 percent of the vote in Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Fellow citizens, this is all serious business.  I fear we on the right aren't taking it as seriously as the radical leftist.  To them, the domination of political and social rule is their ultimate goal..and they are winning.  Whether it was the Occupy Crowd, or Black Lives Matter, or the War on Cops, or the new Rainbow-hued military, the left is winning.

The Republicans might call for a boycott of Target.  But they don't initiate political wars against everyone who has shelf space in Target.  The Dems do...and that's the least of our worries.  The Radical Left is out to destroy anyone who stands in the way of their radical socialist agenda.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  And treat this political and social struggle for the war that it is.  A 2nd American Revolution is called for...and we shouldn't be asking permission to fight it.

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