Monday, August 15, 2016

"Trumpeters....Ya Got Trumped!"

A couple of months ago I wrote a satirical blog on the possibility that Trump and Hillary have concocted a plan to assure Hillary's elevation to the throne.  I got lots of folks attacking me for something so outrageous.  Here's the link if you missed it:

Well, in light of The Donald's serial 'foot shootings' in the past month, and as he slides in the polls, and begins to reflect on going back to his billionaire lifestyle after losing in November, at least some of the more reasonable folks might think that old blog has merit.

Let's face it folks (yes, even you Trumpsters!)  Hillary Clinton is such a bad candidate, so corrupt, such a serial liar that 67% of America thinks she's a liar, that if Donald Trump had more or less just kept his mouth shut he could have won this election.

But, no.  The egomaniac, the guy who has no word filter capabilities at all, has managed to show just how ignorant he is, how intolerant of the slightest criticism, so incapable of uttering an intelligent word, that he is self destructing.

The only question is "is he doing it on get Hillary elected?"  Is this a Bill and Hillary and Trump conspiracy?  Reasonable people might think so.  How else do you explain it?  Is Trump so inherently stupid that he can't see what he's doing?  Was this part of a master plan to destroy the Republican Party?

The guy has thrown babies out of his rallies, made fun of the handicapped, denigrated women, abandoned any allegiance to the party he's running in, frightened friend and foe alike and, even when the more sympathetic Trump supporters try to bail him out, he makes it impossible to do so.  They throw the idiot a lifebuoy and he tosses it away and just keeps sinking further.

A final note.  I've heard unendingly the Trumpsters' admonitions that refusing to vote for Trump is giving Hillary a victory.  I say bullshit to that.  It was the Trumpsters who elected Hillary.  Rubio or Cruz wasn't "conservative" enough for had to go with an idiot that, at best, can only exploit the source of our anger...totally incapable of articulating a set of solutions for our national ills.

As for me, my hands are clean.  I voted for Cruz....a true Reagan who articulated well my values.  And, come November 6th, I will have no guilt...having chosen neither of the devils from both parties.  This election was settled when you voted for Trump.

You Trumpsters are getting what you wanted....a huge landslide for Hillary come November.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

You're crowning the "Queen" way to early. She has to go through debates and more emails. Don't forget how quickly she lost her double digit lead to Oblather 8 years ago. Anyone thinking Trumps throwing the election is stupid. He depends on the public for his businesses. He may not, but his Family has pride. Even Trump wouldn't do that to his wife and children. They would have to suffer for his mistakes. No. Say what you want about Trump. But he's not and Idiot. He just talks like one. Smart people know the difference between being and talking like a Retard.

A Modest Scribler said...

Well, Frank, I'm a believer that "you are what you say" and Trump, unfiltered, tells us who he is in every idiotic statement he makes. As I said in my post, just as in 2012 when Romney wasn't "good enough" for conservatives we got four more years of Obama. And now that Cruz and Rubio didn't live up to the right's high standards, they opted to let Hillary have a turn at the wheel. Pretty sad.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

I'm just saying don't hand her the Gold Medal yet. She has lot's of Splaining to do and Trump will make her Splain real good in FRONT of the Voters.

A Modest Scribler said...

Noted, Frank. I'm resolved to being unhappy for the next four years. Not happy with either of them.

theRandyGuy said...

The idea that the Clintons created Trump to ensure The Queen's election is laughable. The voters chose Trump because the herd of RiNO's pushed by the establishment power structure was no longer better than the alternative. The conservatives had finally had enough and choose a non party player, warts and all. He will probably lose in November, but anyone who votes for Trump will suffer no conscience problems, simply because the routine of supporting whatever the party throws up has failed. BTW - HRC is irrelevant to 99+% of the population - every President is. For all of her plans, she needs a Congress willing to go along before she can spend one dime, raise a single tax, or alter the law in any way. As for the SC - she'll get her two to three picks and that's just the way it is. You're angry, clearly. A lot of people are.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, they might not have planned it, but it could not have gone better if they had. Yep, I'm angry because most people haven't a clue of just what Congressional Republicans can do and what they can't do. There are few Republicans in Congress that wouldn't legislate what we want but need a veto proof majority...which they don't and won't have. And, because too many conservatives didn't want Romney, or Rubio or Cruz...they got themselves Hillary.

TheRandyGuy said...

Republicans could have stood up to Obama's veto threat, but didn't simply because they were afraid of being blamed for what happened in the coming "government shutdown" - and that just might cost them their positions. Can't have that... After all, they need to "stand up for their constituents", dontchaknow? R's will cave to HRC immediately upon seeing her list of demands. The notion that there must be a "veto proof majority" before the right stands up to the left is ludicrous. You'll understand that when the Dims, despite not holding the House after the November elections, get practically everything they demand with no hint of compromise or bipartisanship on their part. Dims really are much better at the game of politics than the Republicans. America loses (again)....