Monday, August 8, 2016

The Tyranny of The Liberal Left...Part 1 of The 2nd American Revolution Series


This week I'm dedicating all three of my blogs toward calling attention to the growing tyranny of the liberal left.  My contributions this week are meant to shake America's collective shoulders and get them to wake up before it's too late.

I was inspired to write this week's series by Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberly Strassel's newly released book "The Intimidation Game....How The Liberal Left Silences Free Speech".  Declared or not, we've got to at least begin to realize that we are at war with the Brown Shirt Liberals who are doing everything they can to stifle your right to express your personal views...either societal or political.

I intend to lead off all three essays with the above "preamble".  And I'm going to remind you that , if we wait for our government masters to give their approval for a 2nd American Revolution, it will not happen.  Citizens, where would we be if our founding fathers had waited for King George to give his permission to American Independence.  The time is now, people!  Agitate!  Vote!  And, by god, share these blogs with as many people you know!

In Wisconsin liberals were angry at Governor Scott Walker.  He had taken a number of steps to bring the state budget into balance.  Some of Walker's initiatives included a "right to work" law, a severe blow to union labor who wanted to continue using union dues to promote liberal agendas...with tens of millions of those union dues going into Democratic political campaigns.  

Another Walker initiative included putting some meat into state directives requiring teachers to actually teach and spend a little less time at labor rallies.

So, in 2010, Milwaukee County Prosecutor John Chisholm, a Democrat, married to a teacher who doubled as a union steward, decided to conduct a secret investigation of Walker and his staff.  Using gag orders, home invasions and the threat of prosecution, Chisholm came up with enough minor infractions to indict a few on Walker's staff.  

Chisholm's staff were ruthless.  In one instance his staff conducted a home invasion of one of Walker's staffers.  Only the 15 year old son was at home.  The DA's staff hustled the boy into a bedroom and locked him in.  Then they ransacked the house and, finding nothing, they told the 15 year old that he was under a gag order..that if he told anyone, anyone at school, or even his parents that they were there, he'd be sent to prison.

Other state workers were treated similarly.  After one of Walker's staff members was interrogated, and issued a gag order, the staff member decided to consult with his New York attorney.  County DA John Chisholm immediately issued an indictment and arrest order against the individual...for consulting an attorney!

Governor Walker appealed these brown shirt tactics to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  And, even the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling stating that "the court had never seen such abuse of power as demonstrated by District Attorney Dennis Chisholm.  They issued a ruling calling for an immediate halt against these Nazi like tactics.

As we all know, those Wisconsin Democrats got enough signatures to initiate a recall election of Governor Walker....and he won again.  He won in the courts and he won in the re-call election but we must never forget just how brutal the left can be against anyone who opposes their agenda!    This new breed of Democrats were tutored at the feet of Barack Obama, who was tutored by two Communist Icons and, ironically enough,  that Wisconsin socialist/terrorist Bill Ayres who cheered the bombing deaths at the University of Wisconsin in the 70's.


Anonymous said...

Consider the following as you prepare your essays:

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the references, Anon. Having read them, I remain optimistic. I believe a confluence of events will occur that will, at some future time, set off a revolution. It may be when the government can no longer rely on deficit spending to subsidize their voting blocks. Or it may be when societal cracks are so prominent, when chaos so mighty that it can no longer be ignored. And I believe well meaning folks, honed by the fire of that chaos, will step up and mount a charge. History has proven that people may be forced to their knees for a time...but not forever. Again, thanks for the references.