Monday, August 1, 2016

It's All Over Folks, Nothing To See Here....Move Along.


Well, the Democratic Convention is now over.  Hillary stepped out in six yards of white pant suit, looking something like a rabid Polar Bear, and accepted her crown.  Whew!

While I was right on in my pre-convention previews, there were a few surprises.  But, first let's review the agenda.  We had the quadrennial worshipping of "the drowner", Ted Kennedy.  Old Ted was lionized even as Mary Jo Kopeckni spun in her water grave.  The Dims trotted out their illegal aliens, succored by American taxpayers, and serve as a travel brochure for a few million other Central and South Americans who were already mapping out their border crossings as Hillary spoke.

And the Dems seemed to have enough dirt on enough military generals who came out and skewed the Obama-Clinton military and foreign affairs record.  We had old Bernie wobbling out and championing the party's adoption of his $15 dollar per hour minimum wage...that seemed to be enough for The Bern to endorse Hillary.  At least half a dozen speakers promised to have taxpayers write a check for $2 trillion dollars in student loan debt...and, in the future, making a university education free for long as the major was Gender Studies or Ethnic Studies.

The party leadership footed the bill for a dozen mothers of Black thugs to get a free wardrobe from TJ Maxx if they promised to show up on stage and dis America's cops.  We had virtually the entire party aghast at The Donald's fence, even as they convened inside a fence that kept the peasants out.  They even demanded that the delegates show ID in order to come in and vote for God's sake!

All in all, the convention went well.  Debbie "Wasserman Test" Schultz got outed on those despicable emails, but it turned out all right cause Hillary rewarded her with a "Campaign Manager" title.  And, by the fourth day, the Democrat attendees were so brainwashed they forgot all about Hillary's wrong-doings and lack of achievements and elevated her to god-like proportions.

I was a bit surprised that the Dems evoked the name of Ronald Reagan time and again.  I guess, having been assured that the liberal sheep were all corralled, they thought they'd throw a bone or two to the Independents out there in America...and the Republicans scared to death of Donald Trump.

I watched Bill out there in the audience.  At times he was nearly asleep during Hillary's speech...other times he had that now famous open mouth adoration he's famous for.  For 25 years I've prayed that a big old bumble bee would fly into Bill's gaping maw, but it never happens.

All in all, the Dems did what they had to do, did what they always do........promise more stuff to more people, and damn the costs....our line of credit with China and Japan is still intact, and what's another $20 trillion in national debt because America can't count past six figures so who's to know?

And, perhaps Hillary's greatest asset was the liberal main stream media.  They were absolutely giddy as America's liberals crowned their queen.  At one point I believe I actually saw Chris Matthews piss down his leg.

God Help America....please!

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