Monday, October 26, 2015

Why We're All In Trouble


I was somewhat amazed to read this morning Google was inundated with "Hillary Emails" search inquiries on the night of the Democratic debate.  Seems that millions of Americans had never heard of Hillary's email problems, of her private server, of potential Russian and Chinese cyber hacks into her private server.  

How is that possible?  So I dug a little more.  Found out that Politico ran the numbers on this.  And they came to the startling conclusion that very little coverage has been given to this issue in the main stream media...with only Fox News giving the subject much coverage, complemented by sparse coverage on CNN.  

Apparently it was a point of honor not to give much cover on any of the MSNBC shows.  Rachel Maddow didn't think it pertinent, nor did Chris Matthews, nor even the MSNBC programs that purport to label themselves "straight news shows".

So, when good old Bernie shouted "I'm tired of hearing about Hillary's damned emails", millions of Democratic minions headed to their desk tops or iPhones and googled to see what old Bernie was talking about; seems they didn't know a Benghazi from a hole in the ground, or that an American Ambassador was killed after months of asking for enhanced security, or that Hillary was running a rogue server in her basement!

Folks, the fact that so many millions of Americans didn't know about Hillary's rogue emails is far more scary than the issue itself!  How has America become so startlingly stupid and ignorant?  

Guess we probably should have taken a hint when they elected Barry after four years of massive fails.  Still, it's scary, and doesn't bode well for an America more than willing to vote for a vagina, even when that vagina is a lying, corrupt politician.

We are in big trouble.


Brian Clancy said...

But they were all up to date on Bruce Jenner.

Frank K said...

Brian: That's Caitlin. If the Kardashian's ever mention Hellory's email problem or Bengazi, she's toast. But unfortunately, McCarthy gave the Liberals hope again by opening his mouth. Now, THAT was stupid.