Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boycotting The "Culture Warriors!"


Are you getting just a wee bit weary of having to wind your way through a political morass, or forced to endure a "socially correct" diatribe just to get your morning cup of coffee?

Are you even a little bit disgusted that an Occupier Type coffee barista or burger flipper gets to decide who they'll serve?

Are you even slightly pissed that our law enforcement officers are being subjected to verbal abuse by the $15 dollar per hour crowd?

Were you disheartened when Liberal Starbucks CEO encouraged his baristas to engage their customers in a discussion on race before you could have your cappuccino?

Do you worry that some fast food goon is gonna spit in your hamburg if you're not displaying a Hillary or Obama bumper sticker on your car?

There's a way to stop that, you know.  You have the power right there in your wallet or your purse....just stop frequenting those franchises who breed a culture of people who seek to ride herd over you in order to influence your political or societal beliefs.

For, when it comes right down to it, the biggest influence on the business types is the almighty dollar!  Just quit going to those places who allow the Occupier culture to thrive!  Go to Jimmy Johns or Chik Fil A where they are only interested in serving you their product....not converting you!

Surely you folks can go a month without your Starbucks, or your Big Mac or your Dunkins!  Let those franchise owners take a hard look at the monthly sales report and you'll quickly see a change in culture in these places!  One month!  Surely you can forego your favorite drink or sandwich for 30 days!

I'll make my own coffee and prepare my tuna on rye right in the comfort of my own home and those "immature and ignorant and tyrannical "culture warriors" can go to hell.

Won't you join me?


Frank K said...

Not only that Scribe. Think of the benefits of NOT going to those places. Health-Donuts and coffee(specially the foo foo coffees) might be the worse thing you can put into your body first thing in the morning. Money-Let's face it. You can make a pot of coffee for about %.25 or less. Paying $2 or more for a cup of Joe? Not smart use of your dollars. And last but not least, you will wipe that smug look off the faces of those Baristas when they get laid off because business is so slow. Paybacks a Bitch. I say we start with am official boycott of Starbucks. We'll change their attitude one Corporation at a time. That's what makes America great!

A Modest Scribler said...

Starbucks boycott is too easy, Frank...I never go there. Same for Dunkin. Micky D's once a quarter or so. The In N Out folks are so nice I don't need to boycott them, same for Chik Fil A.... No worry; some other idiot will eventually spew some liberal gruel and I'll boycott them. :)