Monday, October 5, 2015

What We Know About The Oregon Shooter


What we know about the Oregon shooter, Chris Harper Mercer:

1) Fits the profile of an Obama supporter perfectly
2) Secular, hated religion so much he asked each student if they were Christian...if they were he shot them in the head, if they weren't he shot them in the legs
3) Mercer was one of millions of the "Obama Generation"...25 years old, unable to find a career job in Obama's economy, still living at home with his mommy.
4) Going to community college and sucking down big student loan dollars (which taxpayers will now have to pay off since with his death)
5) Mixed raced minority, which made him eligible for a whole host of favorable hiring quotas and free minority scholarships....fits the perfect profile as one of Obama's "sons".
6) Ignorant liberal who embraced wholly Obama's agenda of "conquer, divide and promote economic and racial hate"
7) Lived in a state that had just enacted strict gun control laws, such that the college was guarded by two unarmed security personnel, thus making it impossible for anyone to defend themselves against those who flaunt the gun laws and make their enactment laughable.

Note:  Our nation has never been so divided, so rife with racial divisiveness, so rendered asunder by wealth envy, so peopled by an Obama society who have chosen to follow Obama's own flaunting of laws which he doesn't agree with.  That's not a nation of law..that's societal chaos.  And, in the midst of this tragedy, before the bodies were even cold, Obama trotted out to the Rose Garden to preach about gun control.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Ken said...

I was guessing he was a muslim and that explained the shooting of Christians, but those people seem to prefer a much more gruesome method.
I don't know if it mattered or played any role in his thinking but it did mine, along the conspiracy theory line. The American hero on the French train who was one of the three who stopped the muslim terrorist from enacting his plot of killing passengers on the train, happened "by coincidence" to live in Roseberg also.
I just saw last night pictures CNN altered to make him look really white and younger, just like obama's first innocent son who was killed by the vicious very "mexican looking" by photoshop.
Your sad note, sadly nailed it all. The wealth envy by all those who are too lazy to even take a chance but have the audacity to hate those who do and are successful. I had the good fortune to be related to one of those very successful "rich" folks. He and his wife love the opera and don't mind sharing their wealth supporting their local theater. Their generosity has made opera possible in their town and the artists, speaking in our presence after a show we attended were abusive to the rich bastard. Made me sick. One of the shows he backed went to New York and won the "Tony" for best musical. Those artists who are nothing but broke people living a dream on another man's back and they resent them for their wealth. The obama's are making a fortune off of all this just like some kind of sleazy carpetbaggers. I do hate that family

Brian Kalifornia said...

Did you see where his father said it was the fault of the gun not his son or his lack of parenting. Just like a libturd, it's someone else fault. It's 2015 and we as a Country shouldn't have this much racial divide, but like you pointed out the one person who could've brought us closer chooses to drive a wedge.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your comments, Ken.

A Modest Scribler said...

I saw that, Brian. Listening to his idiot father you kind of learn how the kid got so screwed up.