Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Obama Interview: "Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?"


Did any of you catch the Obama interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday night?  I thought it was fascinating.  Steve Croft , who has thrown softball questions Obama's way for three years now, decided to retrieve his journalistic "cojones" and actually ask Barry some real questions.

Obama, so comfortable in previous interviews where he gets to pick who's asking the questions, was a profile of disfunction Sunday night as Croft questioned him about his many massive failures.  And you could see Obama was quite taken aback that one of his prior media darlings had dared to question his emperorship.

I thought the question on Syria was quite telling.  Syria....that Middle East morass where Obama once drew a red line, then ignored it when it was breached, is probably Barry's worst nightmare...among many of his "Arab Spring" nations which have crumbled on Obama's watch.  When Croft questioned Obama on that $500 million spent to train 5 (five), count em "five" freedom warriors, Obama hemmed and hawed, was "lawyerly", but eventually uttered that his heart just wasn't in the program, thus it failed.  When Croft tried to question the President on why he spent $500 million of taxpayer dollars for a program he didn't believe in, Obama had no answer.

When Croft asked what Barry plans to do about the Middle East mess Obama simply uttered one of those highly fantasized dreams of employing a "community of nations" to deal with the bad guys.  Trouble was, Obama has no such coalition to accomplish that.........the capitols of the world, all of our former allies have pretty much written Obama off as a who would never have their back...and so they don't have his.

Obama seemed only slightly more comfortable answering questions about politics.  He seemed to have no problem with Hillary maintaining the western world's diplomatic doings on her personal computer...even dared to say that he's sure there were no security breaches.  This coming from a President who has stood by while both Russian and Chinese cyber goons have breached our governmental security data systems repeatedly.

And even as Obama pretty much declared Trump a nut job who will never be President, I found the real "nut job" to be Obama himself.  He looked like a patient in an insane asylum as he repeatedly drew a picture of a world that exists only in his own mind.

We need to get Barack Obama some serious mental health assistance.  I suggest he take 20 months off and go play golf....he's certainly not doing us, or the world any favors by occupying that desk where Harry Truman once said "the buck stops here."  Barry has passed that "buck" around a lot during his seven years; first to poor George W., to his three Defense Secretaries, to the Joint Chiefs, and to the Republicans whom he has demonized unrelentingly...even has he whined about about a lack of unity and goodwill up on Capitol Hill.

Break out the straight jacket folks; the fella in the White House ain't playing with a full deck.


Frank K said...

We knew the more than 6 years ago. Took that long for the Idiot Liberals to finally see what havoc they wrought on the American people. Too late. It's going to take a REAL strong President to undo all the damage the Muslim in Chief has done.

Steve in Las Vegas said...

It was no surprise how badly the Ayatollah in Chief does without his magical teleprompter by his side. He is no president.. He is only a 2nd rate "community organizer" whgo couldnb't organize a little girls tea party.
To know he was made uncomfortable haaving to answer real questions and by the lamestream media is refreshing!!

TheRandyGuy said...

You are preaching to the choir here, and you know it. When candidate Obama made the statement "She's a typical white woman" in 2007, referring to his own Grandmother that reared him when his mother couldn't be bothered, and NOTHING HAPPENED to him, I knew what we were in for - electing an unqualified pretender based on the color of his skin. Fast forward to today: Clinton will be the next winner of the booby prize the WH has become. Why? Two reasons; 1) She's a female, and 2) She's a liberal. The country has changed permanently, and not in a good way. BTW, Neither Kroft, nor any other MSM mouthpiece, will ever regain their credibility after 8 years of kowtowing to the vacuous, self-absorbed empty suit known as Obama.

A Modest Scribler said...

The verdict is in; no one seems to like where "The One" has taken us.