Friday, October 9, 2015

Can Dr. Ben Win?


More than a year ago, before Dr. Ben Carson even declared his candidacy, I wrote here of my admiration for Dr. Ben, that I believed he was a principled man, a good man with good intentions, but didn't believe he had any chance of winning the Republican nomination, much less the Presidency.

Even after Dr. Carson declared, and especially after watching his "too quiet", "too demure" imagery at the Republican debates, I continued to believe that Carson didn't have much of a chance.

But now I'm beginning to wonder.  Dr. Ben, despite not owning the blustery bloviating of the other politicians, despite his tendency to speak quietly, and softly, continues to climb in the polls.  In fact, in two national polls Dr. Carson leads the blustery and clownish Donald Trump, and seems to be gaining on him.

And with the massive cross currents blowing across the American landscape; the massive dissatisfaction with career politicians, the sense that Americans no longer believe Washington D.C. exists to care about them, the "non-politician" like Dr. Carson seems to be doing quite well.

Could 2016 be the year that we see a political civil war?  Has America finally tired of government corruption?  Has the incestuous relationship between Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie's foundation finally disgusted even those who traditionally pay no attention to such things?  Are we finally going to see a non-politician win the White House?

It is supremely ironic that, in Barack Obama, we've had nothing more than "pure politician" in the Oval Office.  Obama has flown a million miles during his Presidency, flitting about the land, making campaign speeches even when there was no campaign to be won!  So maybe, just maybe, America is ready for someone like Carson who, I'm sure secretly, just hates campaigning!

What a breath of fresh air that would be!  Can you imagine someone in the Oval Office who doesn't believe they know everything?  Someone intelligent enough to listen to his military advisers, his policy advisers, and, glory be, the American people?

Well, with regard to Dr. Ben's prospects, I'm still wary.  I'm not yet sure America is wise enough to recognize that the guy with the "prettiest words" is always the best one to lead us.  

I guess we'll see.  I have to believe that Trump will eventually burn out and implode.  I believe America will finally get tired of hearing Trump's silly generalizations, and will become wary of his past liberal social and political positions.  So who will fill the vacuum left from Trump's demise?  Will it be Dr. Ben?

Time will tell.


Frank K said...

As much as I like Dr. Carson, I still think Obama and his obvious Prejudices has left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. Even though Carson is NOTHING like Obama. Now that's how I thought originally. Not any more. Obama is a Racist, spoiled little Brat of a Boy who successfully appealed to the low information, heavily in need of Government assistance crowd that NEVER would take into account his Muslim upbringing, ties to Radicals and Communists(something that would doom a White Man) and his lies. That being said, Obama's shortcomings should not have any effect on Dr Carson's running for President just as in the past, Race has not played a part when the Candidates were usually White. They can label him an "Uncle Tom" all they want but that's their only defense against a Black Man who can think for himself, is highly educated/intelligent, and wears his pants where they belong, all very non Black traits. He's not afraid to address today's issues and for this, he has my support.

A Modest Scribler said...

As you may recall, Frank, with regard to some voter's wariness over voting for another Black man after the Obama fiasco, I too voiced the notion that Obama's Presidency may very well give folks pause before every again voting for another Black. That still probably holds true for many. We'll just have to wait and see if Dr. Ben can overcome that as well.

Frank K said...

We agreed that it would be a long time for another African American to be President. We should have ended it by saying it would take a "special Black Man" for it to happen. Dr. Carson IS that special Black man.