Friday, October 23, 2015

Those Whoring Dems


On Saturday the entire Democratic Presidential candidate slate moves down to Iowa to attend the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, a fact that should illustrate to anyone with an ounce of brain matter, that every single on of them are larger whores than a Texas Whorehouse Madam.  

Remember, these are the same people who want to take Jackson off the $20 dollar bill and replace it with someone like Angela Davis or Gloria Steinham, or God forbid, Hillary.  

And need we regurgitate the Jefferson-Sally Hemmings affair and his sinning slave-holding ways?

Liberals hate Jackson and Jefferson!  Jackson violently opposed big government and mounted the second "rescue" of citizen sovereignty by removing government deposits from the national bank because it, and Wall Street were getting to big for their collective britches.  

It was Jefferson who mounted the first rescue of the people's government when the Federalists like Adams and Hamilton advocated for a big central government/semi-monarchy...who implemented the Alien and Sedition laws which gave the government authority to arrest someone for criticizing the almighty Presidency.  It was Jefferson who advocated for states rights and made them a reality.

How do those achievements square with the Democrats today?  The "Dims" today insist we bow down and worship the religion of "nanny government".  They insist that government, and not the individual, is supreme.  After all, "you didn't build that business" is their mantra.

Never the less, the "Dim" Presidential candidates will be down in Iowa on Saturday, munching on chicken legs and eating green jello mold because it might mean a vote or two for them.  

As with every swinging one of them, "principle" is not in their vocabulary.  So they'll sit under that big Jefferson Jackson banner, and smile.  They can always savage the "J-J''s" when they get back to New York.

And the Republicans are not much better...they're still trying to figure out who they are and they're scared to death to rightfully claim Jefferson and Jackson as their own.

Alas, the last two statesman we had was JFK and Reagan, and they are both dead, as are their principles.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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