Friday, October 30, 2015

The Seven Year Long "Jackass Movie"


Does anyone remember the "Jack Ass" MTV TV series and subsequent movies?  I confess to not having seen any of them but have seen enough clips to tell me how monstrously stupid that stuff was. The Jack Ass portfolio seemed to cater to half wits who, lacking the ability to exercise their own intellectual stimuli, resorted to watching others doing stupid things to jolt their tiny brains.

When you watch any of those really stupid stunts you kind of shake your head, and sigh, and wonder what our society is coming to.

Ironically, that's what we've had as a President for seven years; a fellow so monstrously stupid, so full of unearned arrogance, so off the mark on everything he attempts, that you reach the point where no words are those Jackass movies, you simply shake your head, and sigh, and utter a "woe is me" expletive.

I dare you to come up with one single accomplishment from the Obama years.  Economy?  How bout that $800 billion dollar pork stimulus plan?  How'd that work out?

Employment?  When we read those low unemployment numbers we know we're reading "Alice In Wonderland" date 93 million Americans have left the work force, are no longer calculated in the numbers, thus make everything look hunky dory.  

Obamacare?  Remember when Barry promised your health care premiums would go down 25%?  How's that working out?  Are you feeling real "pal-sy" with Barry knowing you're paying for 30 million freeloaders that own late model cars, gaming systems, iPhones and Big Screen TV's but can't pay for their own healthcare?

Food Stamps?  Double under Barry....80 million Americans now on food stamps...but Barry says every things cool!

Foreign Policy?  How's those half a dozen "Arab Springs" looking about now?  How's the Ukraine invasion coming?  How's our relations with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East?

How about racial harmony?  After all, didn't we elect a Black President?  Worst racial strife since the Civil War.  Every time a Black is killed Barry trots out to the Rose Garden to give a sermon.  Barry loves to speak Ebonics at NCAA conventions, then returns to "lawyerly" when he gets back to the White House.

Yeah, I knew we were always capable of making those Jack Ass movies....I just never believed the American people would be crazy enough to elect a Jack Ass for the White House...that's the scariest, stupidest stunt of all!

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