Monday, October 19, 2015

Playboy Going Straight!


How many of you read, that Playboy Magazine is planning to end nudity in their magazine.  I think the idea is brilliant!  Let's face it; in today's society one can google just about any sexual act, and within 15 seconds, see images as graphic as one wishes!  Playboy, by ending the nudity, can then promote its excellence in featuring the great writers of our day, just as they have always done.

I haven't read a Playboy Magazine for at least thirty years.  I used to, and confess to enjoying the nudity.  But, as I repeatedly told every woman in my life, the journalism and fiction within the magazines pages were every bit as rewarding.  I don't know who they publish today, but in the days I read it they published authors like John Cheever, John D. MacDonald, the riotous humor of Jean Shepherd ( I first read of Ralphie and that Red Ryder rifle in Playboy!), Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury in the magazine. And the Playboy Interview was the gold standard for celebrity interviews!

So, kudos to Playboy!  Esquire Magazine in the 40's used to be the gold standard for outstanding writing.  Then Playboy surpassed it, supplementing the great writing with nude pictures to draw in a larger swath of men.  But we don't need Playboy for sexual stimulation anymore....Google provides it in an instant..besides, I really don't need to see Kate Upton's labia to know that she's attractive.  And I've always found a woman fully dressed to be far more alluring than full leaves more to the imagination.

Random thoughts from a dirty old man....who likes to read good stuff!

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Frank K said...

Why would anyone buy Playboy when you can read any article online? Taking away the nudity will NOT increase viewership. Playboy has been sending me the magazine free for years then tried to collect. I never subscribed, never asked for it and most sit around unopened because if they threaten anything, I'll just send them their magazines back. End of an Era, plain and simple. More than sad...