Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump; The Only One Telling It Like It Is


I still have no plans to vote for Donald Trump but I love how he handled Jorge Ramos from Spanish language Univision yesterday at Trump's news conference. Ramos, and his 30 million strong illegal army, is so used to having his ass kissed by the main stream media that he thought he could jump up, demand to be the first to ask a question, then began ranting about his poor illegal alien constituency.  Trump first ignored him, then told him to sit down and shut up, tried to take a question from someone else, then, when Ramos refused to stop ranting, had Ramos escorted out of the building.  

The media on hand were so shocked by this that half of their questions were about Ramos being kicked out.  Trump responded that Ramos didn't have the right to demand the first question, wouldn't shut up, and had to be muzzled.  

It was so refreshing to see someone stand up for the American people and say "hey, you illegal ass kissers don't own the moral high ground" on what's right and wrong. 

And most of the other Republican candidates are standing around with their thumb up their ass, scared to death to frighten off Hispanics and essentially trying to steer away from the massive illegal invasion problem.  

And so many people are stunned about Trump's popularity.  It's not because Trump is the best's just that Trump is the only one speaking honestly about our problems.

Maybe Trump will finally force the other Republicans candidates to finally get a spine and begin discussing our problems honestly.


Brian Kalifornia said...

It's still early to decide who to root for, but I do like Trumps attitude and the things he's saying. It's refreshing to hear someone say publicly what needs to be said and what we're all thinking. We as a country are screwed with all the limp dick Policians we have. Like you say Scrib, Damn shame.

Frank K said...

Was almost all in for Trump initially. But his thin skin and acerbic demeanor sort of put me off. But as things have evolved, even with the negatives, he still might be the best Candidate of all of them, Repub or Dem.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the repubs attacked Trump about the illegal comments so it would be hard for them to change strategy now. I'd already accepted a
Hillary win and have been saying it for years, until Trump. He's played it
smart by not apologizing for anything he says or does. If you show guilt or regret these days you are finished. These little bickerings are part of the show to keep himself in the headlines and build up his legacy of no apologies. He's possibly the only one who can wake people up. Half of America is afraid to say what they really feel these days and Trump is doing it FOR them. He's just got to be careful he doesn't cross the line of no return. I was surprised he was able to shake off the POW comments. It will be interesting to see if anyone can step up and also act like a leader.

TheRandyGuy said...

"He's played it smart by not apologizing for anything he says or does." Dims NEVER apologize - Trump is playing the game by their rules and they are terrified of him, as is the RiNO establishment. 15 months is a long time, but unless there are some major changes, I'd vote for him (never for Bush III, Christie, etc.). Dims are gonna run Congress, though, and that "do-nothing Congress" the Anointed One points to and blames as he goes around the Constitution with his EO's will be the same "do-nothings" when the Dims take over should a R be elected to the WH. Anyone believe the MSM will think that's a problem? Especially if the next Prez uses the EO like Obama?

A Modest Scribler said...

All I want to say is that I'm just impressed as hell with the cogent and introspective comments being made on this subject. Gonna be a wild ride for the next 15 months.

Trevor M-K said...

Seems like a lot of people were crying foul over it and said Trump handled it wrong and had no right to remove the reporter. I don't know how anyone wouldn't think this guy wasn't being a smartass and trying to be center of attention at the press conference. Glad someone isn't pandering to the illegals, even though I wont vote for Trump either. Hope he rubs off on one of the candidates, regardless....have a nice Saturday!