Monday, August 24, 2015

Barry's Triumphs


Anybody been watching the stock market this week?  Anyone wondering why, after seven years in office, Obama still can't fix our two percent ultra sluggish growth rate?  Anyone feel all warm and fuzzy about the costs of your healthcare?  How about your job security? 

I see the libtards all the time posting about how Obama saved our economy.  Really?  How about that One Trillion dollar pork stimulus know, the shovel ready jobs?  Anyone get one of those?  We know Barry's big campaign donating solar and battery companies got some of that dough....then went bankrupt.  And wasn't General Motors a gas?  After Barry bought it, then sold it three years later, we taxpayers lost $37 billion dollars!

Did Barry's brow-beating bring back the $2 trillion dollars American companies have parked overseas?  Nope, because why should they when Barry taxes them at the highest corporate rate in the industrialized world?

And you just got to love the news this week that George Soros, the champion socialist, and the Democrat's biggest money source, is buying Peabody Coal Company even as his "Barry" declared a war on coal and is using the EPA to shut down the coal companies (66% of our energy source) so that you can pay triple utility rates!  Old Socialist George is buying up the coal right and left because he knows America can't survive without it!  

SO!  Without even getting into Obama's huge foreign policy blunders, if we just look at how Barry has run the economy, you ought to wake up!  Barry promised you lower medical premiums..and they doubled and tripled!  And you get to pay for 30 million freeloaders who can afford video gaming and big screen televisions and late model SUV's but can't afford to pay their medical premiums!  

And Barry has created a Federal Reserve that prints money to artificially boost the economy...and this week's stock market has said "we've had enough of Quantitative Easing" and "we're tired of our Chinese bankers devaluing their currency and shutting us out of their markets....and Barry can't do a thing because the Chinese own $1.7 trillion dollars of our bonds (WHICH THEY COULD SELL TOMORROW AND SEND OUR ECONOMY CRASHING DOWN LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS!)

And Barry runs around the country beating up on fast food joints so that they'll pay $15 an hour for flipping burgers because his liberal minions owe so much student debt and can't get a job so they want a living wage for assembling Big Mac's!  And of course those pitiful college grads are taking away the part time jobs our high school kids use to now they do nothing!

So the stock market is crashing.  You may not think you're in the market but you are!  If you've got a 401k or an IRA it's taking a beating this week.  And if you think inflation is bad, wait until you get a whiff of stagflation!  Massive job layoffs, more people on food stamps and welfare, a new wave of housing foreclosures.

Ain't Barry doing a fine job, both overseas and at home?  If you love Barry, you're just gonna love Hillary cause she says she'll "double down" on Barry's grand government giveaways and corporate persecution!

Have a nice day!

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Frank K said...

Hilary might have to get a "get out of jail free" card to run for President. But, that won't stop her. She's determined and the Liberals are too stupid to not vote her in. Good luck, America.