Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Put The Dunce Cap On Hillary...Please!


Hillary Clinton has proposed a $350 billion dollar college tuition program. Barry has already commandeered the Student Loan Program...and run up a trillion dollars in student debt. Hey, you folks that still have a functioning brain; doesn't it just make you tired?

Where's Hillary going to get $350 billion dollars? Why raising taxes on businesses of course! And, as she burdens businesses with more taxes, they won't be able to hire those millions of kids who Hillary wants to send to school for free! And, really, what business is gonna hire a Gender Studies major? Or a Philosophy major? Or one who has a Masters in The Oppression of The Founding Fathers?
Barry dished out hundreds of billions in student loans and Pell grants, and Danny and Dawn went to school, partied on pizza and beer, marched in Occupy parades....and now are living in Mom and Dad's basement cause they can't get a job....the jobs are going to China! So then those college graduates, their degree suitable only for flipping burgers at McDonald's, demand $15 dollars and hour...except those college preppies are competing with the high school dropouts that also want a "living wage" for assembly a Big Mac!
We will never solve our education problem until we fix what's wrong, one big one being students need to stop dreaming and take math and science degrees..or learn to weld or hammer a nail!
And we will not solve the skyrocketing tuition rates by throwing more government money at the problem!...that's how we got this mess in the first place.
God, I'm tired...of hearing these Democrats pander to their voting blocks, and tired of the idiots who keep drinking the Kool Aid and believing them.
Look folks, I know you're probably tired of this old codger writing about these messes. I'm sorry....please unfollow me if it becomes unbearable. Because I can't stop the fight against liberal idiocy.


Frank K said...

Never get tired of being informed. What's she going to do next. Give back all the trillions of dollars in Student loans people paid back? Those that did, will not be happy. Once you start Government giveaways, you'll never be able to make everyone happy. She's truly and Idiot, unfit for any office. Anyone that can't see through this, doesn't belong in College and will never make it in the real world....

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank K, we've seen time and again on those people polls that college kids can't even tell you who won the Civil War, so there's little hope that they'll wake up and reject Hillary.