Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"You're About To Get "Mooned"


Note to Readers:  I'll be on a two week hiatus from posting and will resume posting on or about the 2nd of September.  Stay cool!

"You're About To Get "Mooned".
Over your lifetime how many times have you gone out, stood in your backyard, and just gazed up at the moon? Did you all scan that golden orb to see if you could find the man in the moon? Well, your days of pastoral moon watching may be coming to an end. 
Our business gods have been busy, trying to insinuate their products into space. Pizza Hut once engineered a vacuum packed pizza and sent it up to the space station. Others soon followed suit. But now the "profit moguls" are stepping up their game. Just read today that a Japanese sports drink company is paying Space X to drop an oversized can of their sports drink on the lunar surface....apparently hoping the next moon explorers will stop and refresh themselves on their product...something called "Liquid Sweat". They're preparing a big advertising campaign to tout the event.
I can see businesses soon falling all over themselves to outdo each other. With new drone technology, and advances in laser beams, how long will it be before Amazon has a drone circling the moon? They'll be hawking their "deal of the day" to moon gazers back here on earth. Starbucks may wish to project a huge laser on to the moon's surface, to be reflected back at us on earth...a sign that promotes their latest latte drink and breakfast sandwich...or how about that Big Mac logo flashing back at you at just about bed time? 
Our days of sitting out in the backyard and peacefully gazing at the pristine image of the moon may soon be over. When profit and beauty collide you can be sure profit will triumph. 


Brian Kalifornia said...

Have a good vacation, we'll miss you.

Brian Clancy said...

Enjoy yourself, can't wait for the stories of your hiatus.