Monday, August 10, 2015

Afterthoughts On The First Debate


1) How many of you had a "deja vu" moment last night watching Donald Trump turning any criticism of his previous positions into personal attacks on him.  Shades of "Tricky Dick Nixon" as lashed out at the moderators for daring to ask him to defend his previous support for abortions, his bankruptcies, and his financial support for liberals.  

2)  The libtard love to brand Fox News as "faux news", yet, as usual, the moderators were fair and balanced.  They asked hard, probing questions of the candidates.  Compare that to the debates run by the mainstream liberal media, where the libtard moderators throw softball questions at their liberal political darlings and, as with the last time, even stuck up for Obama and supplied him and answer!  Don't be surprised to see the same thing in this election cycle.

3)  Love Ben Carson but he's just too nice to run for President.  Too soft spoken, when todays voters want to see red meat.  Poor George Washington would have done equally as bad, as would Thomas Jefferson.  But in our founder's time campaigning for oneself would have been appalling.  Until Lincoln's time Presidential candidates stayed home and let their supporters do the boasting.  If I'm elected I want Ben Carson for my Surgeon General.

4) Carly Fiorina did the best at articulating her conservative principles.  She shone during the afternoon debate and just destroyed Chris Matthews on a post debate interview.  Would love to see her as a VP candidate, not Presidential candidate; not because she's a woman but because she has so little political experience.  The eventual candidate, probably Bush or Rubio, will probably make a geographic pick for VP (for the purpose of carrying the VP candidate's home state), for example, Kasich to carry Ohio this time.  Were it not for that I'd say "go Carly!"  And, hey, if she continues to gain support I could vote for her for President as well.

5) Today the libtard media are already doing their "post mortems" on the debate.  And they are doing a fine job twisting and distorting what was said last night.  We all know they are just boot lickers and not legitimate journalists so we're not surprised.

6) Huckabee was a huge surprise, had the best performance, will move up in the polls, but doesn't have the money support.  Cruz did well.  Bush did far better than the liberal lackeys are saying he did.  He was pompous and loud and mean enough for some but his answers were well thought out and made sense.  (Jeb is far more fiscally conservative than his brother, he proved time and time again in running an outstanding governorship in Florida.)Still didn't like his "act of love" comments about illegal immigration last year.  But Bush would work with a Republican Congress to pass immigration reform that we could live with.

7) Here's my pick for a Bush or Rubio cabinet:

Ted Cruz for Homeland Security

Sheriff Joe Arpao for Attorney General (He'll have those federal thugs in pink underwear, living in tents and cut that annual $44,000 dollars a year to house a prisoner down to peanuts.)

Condaleezza Rice for Secretary of State..

If not VP, Carly Fiorinna for Secretary of Commerce

Scott Walker for Labor Secretary (sorry Union Thugs)
T. Boone Pickens for Energy Secretary
Mitt Romney at Treasury
(Still working on the rest)


Frank K said...

Trump made a tactical error in attacking Meghan Kelly. Many people like her(myself included, not just for the obvious reasons) and this could easily be viewed as an attack on a Woman BECAUSE she's a woman. Not a good idea. As much as he is refreshing, crossing that line will be the start of his downfall.

Brian Clancy said...

I prefer Carson as of right now. I don't believe he has much of a chance but believe he's the one with the most integrity.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, you may remember I wrote about Ben a year ago and said essentially the same thing. But he's not picking up much traction in the polls.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank K., Kelly's okay in my book...acts a bit of the hotshot...kind of like Bill O'Reilly but I attribute that to ambition and the macho floating around the Fox News studio.

Frank K said...

Unfortunately, Obama has made it almost impossible for Ben Carson to be President. We discussed no more Black Presidents for a while, earlier in the year. I like him too. All the integrity in the world won't help him. Thanks a lot Brack.

A Modest Scribler said...

Sadly true, Frank K. Barry was a nice guy too...till he got elected. He's now scared the electorate off from putting another Black in the Oval Office for a while.