Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trump Is Not The Answer To Your Problem


I am totally perplexed by the posts on FB and other message boards championing Donald Trump and demonizing Megyn Kelly for asking Trump about his previous comments on women. If you've posted praise for Donald Trump, I'm sorry but my estimation of you just went way down.

Let's look at the person that is Donald Trump. First, the guy plows through wives like Armani suits. Secondly, Trump is an egoist who cares for no one except Donald Trump. The only reason he's running for President is to sate that massive ego; he is NOT a true conservative....he's supported liberal Democrats and taken liberal positions whenever it suited Donald Trump's interest. Hell, the guy is not even a successful businessman. I wonder how many of you remember that it was Donald's dad who made the family fortune. Then, when Dad retired he let Donald take over the family's $300 million real estate business, saying "Donald, go out and make your fortune" with the fortune he already had. And Donald has taken that fortune and went bankrupt four times. Even Trump's net worth is not what he says it is. Forbes ran an audit of Trump's assets and found him to be worth less than a tenth of what he says he's worth.

We've had people freaks like Donald Trump before...Joe McCarthy labeling war heroes and average citizens as communists, bullies like George Wallace trying to keep Blacks out of school houses...there is an endless parade of Donald Trump types in our history.

What bothers me far more than Trump are the folks who would champion him. Looking at those 20 percent of America who are "Trumpers" leads me to believe we may be doomed. The novelist John D. MacDonald once wrote a little book for the Library of Congress celebrating literacy. The book draws a profile of a person who doesn't read, who doesn't dig down below the surface of issues. He says people that don't read wonder around in a fog of ignorance, making them susceptible to phonies and easy fixes and embracing wild conspiracy theories.

I see lots of those kind of people today, both on the left and right. From the left they are the Kool Aid drinkers who swallow big nanny government ideas, champion or make excuses for urban Black thuggery, refuse to look at the costs of wasteful programs, and hero worship people like Obama and the Clintons who are as corrupt as they come. Conservatives normally have a modicum of moral standards and common sense but the far right wing of the conservatives are as daffy and ignorant as those on the left.

It is those who are embracing Donald Trump. They are angry as how our country is going but they can't express their own anger in an intelligent way so they turn to fanatics like Trump to do their bidding.

Earth to the "Trumpers"; Donald Trump does not care about you. He'd screw you in a business deal in a flash, then call you stupid for falling for his ruse. Donald Trump has no quick fixes for your problems...he's good only at spewing generalizations and hasn't specified a single thing he would do, or explain how it would work.

I just saw a post on FB yesterday that said "if you don't support Donald Trump please unfriend me now.". I thought that post was a bit harsh and overly judgmental. But, frankly, if I keep seeing any of my friends championing Donald Trump, I may have second thoughts on the matter.

Many in the Republican Party are faux conservatives...I recognize that. There's not a single Republican candidate whom I agree with on all the issues. But there are far better people in that lot that Donald a wide margin. So, you Trumpers, you just keep on holding on to The Donald. And if he doesn't win the nomination, you go ahead and urge him to run third party...that will guarantee a Clinton victory and then you can really be angry. Or, as in 2012, when you didn't think Mitt was conservative enough, and you were in the 50% of voters who stayed home in protest...and got Obama again, you keep on pouting, and you can help Clinton get elected......and have eight more years of spewing your frustrated bile.

Trump is as big an egoist, and as mentally sick as the guy currently in the White House. Trump is not the answer to our problems. He is actually a symptom of our current sickness.

Sad. Damned Sad.


Frank K said...

Absolutely, can't argue with you. I so wanted him too be the one to lead us out of this Hell, Bush(second term) and Obama has put us into. That being said, we might be close to the point of no return and it won't matter who the President is. Obama is trying his hardest to get us there. We can only hope he runs out of time....

Anonymous said...

Huge ego yes, about half the size of Hillary's.

TheRandyGuy said...

Let's say you're right, that Trump is just as big a jerk as the MSM claims..... What option does the right have? Bush III (or any other RINO), because "otherwise it's Hillary"? My friend, I've held my nose and voted anti-Dim for the last time. I'd rather have Hillary doing exactly what she promises to do than a Republican that lies about what they believe in order to win the office, only to be a dim-lite. I'm not alone. If it is true that conservatives have no chance any longer, then there really is no point in bothering to vote - it's like the CA version of an election: Dim#1 or Dim#2, 'cause those are your choices. Frankly, unless Congress changes it's ways, the President is fairly irrelevant. The R's had bette fully understand what they're doing, because they are flirting with permanent irrelevance with the plethora of illegals about to become "legal" and the demonstrated desire of the population for more "free stuff from the government".

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, you said "what option does the right have?" Well, it ain't Trump. The Donald ain't no Ronald Reagan with a firm set of conservative values.

Pope1944 said...

Who are you trying to kid? The Republicans have not been conservative for years. They are centrists to the nth degree. Look at how the entire leadership has caved to every single thing Obama wanted. Obama has only issued 4 vetoes in the last six years. Does that sound like a Congress putting his feet to the fire. I am sick of all the professional politicians who are experts at political correctness. You say Trump doesn't care about me? Who of the other candidates do you think really cares. I don't see anyone discussing the issues that we middle class people care about. What we need is a third party and I only wish I had Trump's money because I would spend all of it to leave the inept, cowardly, lying jerks that are currently in office in the dust.

A Modest Scribler said...

Pope, you lost me at "who are you trying to kid"....perhaps you didn't read the next to last paragraph.