Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obama; Hate Monger


Last night in Houston a sheriff's deputy was gunned down by an unknown assailant.  The execution came just days after a group of Black Lives Matter declared a war on law enforcement officers. The brief news article says the man was "dark complected" but law enforcement investigators hope to find a more definitive description of the shooter from security cameras.

As I read that crime story my first thought, my first emotion was white hot hate for those Black Lives Matter thugs.  Then, I began thinking of this incident in a larger frame of reference.

I began to think about how Obama and his mindless liberals have fostered such a climate of hate so that all of us have nerves on the raw edge, ready to explode at any hint of offense.  That is what America has become after seven years of our government masters creating racial, political and class warfare.  It now seems  bizarre that we elected an African American President and race relations have never been worse.  After five decades of Lyndon Johnson's "war on poverty" Blacks, having taken a welfare check and overly generous government benefits, hate every one of us who funded that grand giveaway.  And not a single Democrat has stood up and admonished the Black community for their slothful, violent and abhorrent behavior.  In fact they foment Black vs White hate by continuing to argue that somehow Blacks have not been given a fair shake......hell, most of us would eagerly take the preferential treatment and benefits Blacks have been given!  But, old Lyndon is no doubt spinning in his grave these days, amazed at what he thought was a good thing has turned out so disastrous.  And Martin Luther King is spinning just as fast!

Sadly, it's just not race relations that have gone down the toilet.  An avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is drawing huge crowds as he travels around the country espousing the confiscation of the nation's wealth and redistributing it, this despite every economic study that shows if we confiscated 100% of the nation's wealth it wouldn't be enough to raise the poor from poverty!  No one seems to understand these days that an education and the collective work efforts of the individual is the only thing that solves poverty!

Yet Obama flits around the country brow beating businesses to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  He recently shamed Silicon Valley for not hiring more minorities even though those businesses can't find enough "minorities" who are qualified to fill high tech positions....because minorities tend not to value an education...which one needs to fill high salaried positions!  

Just yesterday Obama's politically appointed labor relations board ruled that corporations with franchise businesses must now be responsible for negotiating labor rates for their independent franchises.  I wonder how many of you realize the consequences of that ruling.  Up until that ruling Mr. Smith would buy a McDonald's franchise, pay a franchise fee, then hire his own labor, paying the going local rate for minimum wage labor in their respective city.  Now the NLRB has ruled workers can join up with those mafia loving Teamsters Union and demand the corporate head pay whatever the union demands!  Just as the unions destroyed Detroit and the American automobile industry, the Teamsters are eager to have the consumer pay $10 bucks for a Big Mac....until you stop buying and the McDonald's franchise goes out of business...then no one's working and we make our hamburgers at home!

As I sat here contemplating the "big picture" of our racial and economic hate, as I stood ready to condemn Blacks for that sheriff's killing, without a single shred of evidence yet, I could not help but equate our present situation with a couple of Henry Fonda movies.  The first was The Oxbow Incident.  A group of ranchers are all ready to hang three guys who they believe are rustlers.  These ranchers are foaming at the mouth with hate and anger, and they end up hanging the wrong people.  The second movie is Twelve Angry Men, a story about a jury of twelve men, who all bring their personal prejudices into the process of determining the guilt or innocence of a young Hispanic man.  In the few hours of deliberation we see how each man makes his decision, based on his own life experiences.  Much of it is what someone told them, or what they read in the paper, or a perceived slight somewhere within their own personal experiences.

That is what we have all become today.  Our nerves are raw.  Our capacity for hate is ever increasing.  We are quick to condemn, even when we don't have all the information to make a logical and fair decision.  Our battle lines are drawn and everyone is ready to pick up a club and bash someone in the head.

And it all stems from that America hating, socialist son of a bitch in the White House.  He's got us warring with each other as no time before in our history.  And Barry has plenty of allies in the Democratic party, a party who wouldn't know a moral value if it bit them in the ass, a party that clings to power only by keeping people depending on them for a government handout, a party that buys their votes with our tax dollars, a party that can only survive as long as hate and greed and sloth and envy exist.

So I sit here on this Saturday morning, not knowing who shot that sheriff's deputy.  But I'm all too ready to hear that it was a Black thug.  How sad is that?


Frank K said...

And, it's going to get worse. now THAT'S scary....

TheRandyGuy said...

"But, old Lyndon is no doubt spinning in his grave these days, amazed at what he thought was a good thing has turned out so disastrous." Wrong - Johnson simply wanted the black votes for the Democrats, he couldn't care less about the po' black man. No question BHO has increased the racial divide in the nation by design - but that has two sides to it. When the whites are targeted (ignore the inner cities - they choose to live in the government tenements), they will respond, something that hasn't happened in this nation. Yet. Rest assured that many people will not be content to hope LEO's save them from marauding bands of non-whites, they will take their security and safety in their own hands. All those guns sold courtesy of The Anointed One will be put to use. Then, of course, will be the cries of "racism" and "hate crimes", something mysteriously absent from the mulatto calling the shots today...

Ken said...

I felt exactly the same way and one report really disappointed me saying that two whites and a black were suspects. That report has since gone by the wayside I think. I do appreciate the amount of thought you put into this dilemma and your conclusions. Sadly, I was once of a similar frame of mind but I am so destroyed by the dog in the white house and the entire democrat, republican disaster to our country that I no longer have too many kind thought for any of the bs I hear in the news. I cannot believe the publicly espoused hatred for all things white, especially the police by the black panthers. The video from Texas is just so infuriating, all I could think was load up the guns we're heading south, goin huntin!! We predicted this day would come seven years ago. Well it's here and even with that much forewarning I am surprised at the level and depth of it all. I have never felt so much hatred for the black race as I do now. I feel the same toward them as I do toward the muslims since 9/11. Because like the muslims, black leaders are only speaking out to fan the flames, not speak any truth or try to stop all this. In California we have a reasonably foul history of abuse to minorities. The Chinese are the people I think of most often now day. They, like the black slave, were brought here much the same way and abused in a manner that I feel was quite a bit worse than anything the black suffered. In several of our towns there still exist to this day tunnel systems where the Chinese slaves were forced to work and move about town in not being allowed above ground as they were thought the lesser, subservient not worthy of the white folks air. I don't hear any Chinese demanding reparations, violently protesting with shouts, Chinese lives matter! In fact the Chinese quite obviously have pulled their own selves up and now occupy a place a couple rungs up the ladder from the white race.

No race in this country has been given more than the black race, and still demanded more, and more. No race in this country has contributed less and been more of a scourge to this country than the negro. I truly feel after all that has happened recently and keeps happening, the black lives truly don't matter. They have done far to little to demand and receive so much.