Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Coming 2nd Civl War; Prime Target NBC

For the past two years I have written of the inevitable 2nd Civil War.  It's coming folks.  We in America are split down the middle and the half of us that are obeying the laws and paying the bills are gagging on Obama and his millions of liberal minions and special interest groups glowing in the post-coital ecstacy of screwing working America in 2012.

The Obama victory was bought and paid for by the liberal mainstream media and the first angry shots of the 2nd Civil War are going to have to be directed at a liberal media who hide behind the Constitutional protections of the 1st Amendment while abandoning objective reporting of national issues.  This past election year the liberal media went far beyond twisting truths; they began to withhold and censor the news when it was unfavorable to Obama's election chances.

So the rumblings from the disgruntled hinterlands hint at million man armies marching on Washington and dragging the Liberal Socialist Dictator and his Congressional toadies out of the White House and hanging them from the lanyards in Lafayette Park.

I beg to differ.  There are no doubt some old military war planners even now out there hatching battlefield scenarios for the 2nd Civil War.  Those old war horses know that, to win this war you're going to have to take out the huge Obama/liberal propaganda machine.  Stalin had his Pravda and Obama has the three main stream broadcast networks.

Taking these propaganda machines out will have to be the first order of war business.  If I were drawing up plans for this my first order of business would be taking out 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Bring that Sodom and Gommorah edifice down in a hail of crumbling glass!  Sounds brutal but war is war.  First of all you would take out NBC News but the grand prize would be taking down the ultra liberal slobbering crowd at MSNBC.  I would simultaneously mount a second attack at NBC Master Control located at Englewood Cliffs New Jersey.

I can think of no bigger wake up call than the destruction of 30 Rock.  Their destruction alone may be enough of a signal to the surviving CBS and ABC to start reporting on Benghazi and the Chicago Style muggings being doled out by the White House as well as Obama's instigations of race wars and culture wars to achieve his Socialist agenda.

So, if the 2nd Civil War planners are gearing up all their operational war annexes they'll do well to emulate the terrorist tactics of Menachim Began in the fledging early Israel and Nguyen Van Giap, masterful executor of terrorist victory during the Vietnam War.  

Consequently, once 30 Rock is taken down, I would advise the National Liberation Front for The Restoration of America to send a demand note to the rest of the media.  It should be worded as such:

From this day forward we expect all print and broadcast media to report the news in a fair and objective manner.  All media will report the news totally free of their own personal political biases.  We do not need liberal or conservative editorials but a straight reporting of the facts.  Further, since our national debt is the single most critical issue this nation's faces, all networks will place in the top right corner of their broadcast screens a "debt clock" showing the "million dollar per minute" debt this government is accruing for our children and grandchildren to pay.  Further, the pandering of minority whinings using the mainstream media will cease immediately!  Accordingly, Blacks, who make up 12 percent of the populace will be allocated 12% of the news coverage and not the traditional 50% they are now allocated.  Gays make up 1% of the populace so they will be allocated coverage of 1% and not the current 25%.  Hispanics make up 15% of the populace and should be allocated a like amount of coverage.  Illegal Mexicans are illegal criminals and will not be allocated a single minute of coverage.
The remaining 72% of available news coverage will be devoted to hard working, tax paying, law abiding Americans who keep this country running every day of the year.  Failure to abide by fair and balanced journalistic standards will result in your imminent destruction.  A corrupt press is no better than no press at all.

This first initial battlefield foray against the liberal media may be enough to convince the print and broadcast media to confine their reporting to "the facts", and when Americans get a chance to see the truth, unfiltered by liberal socialist punditry they just may throw the scoundrels out and prevent the far greater violence of a 2nd Civil War.

Post Script:  How many of you remember when the evening news hour always concluded with an editorial?  CBS had Eric Sevareid, NBC had John Chancellor after he retired from broadcasting.  ABC trotted out one too in the last two minutes.  One night they would skewer Democrats, the next night Republicans.  That was back when the News was reported objectively and, when an editorial was offered, we knew that part was "opinion".  Now nearly ALL news reporters are just flapping their lips in accordance with their own personal liberal political preferences.

Note:  I do not advocate for the violence as depicted above.  Rather than raining death and destruction, to include many innocents, I would prefer a boycott of news organizations who no longer practice objective reporting.  My point here is that the next civil war will begin with small groups of terrorists who, frustrated by a firmly embedded corruption of national institutions, will wreak havoc in order to draw attention to their cause.  The 2nd Civil War will not begin with a million man march on Washington to protest gun owner rights, or excessive taxation, or in opposition to our moral decay.  Instead it will come first in small waves of violence meant to exert some manner of reform.

I'm too old for such violence.  I no longer have the stomach for war, although I believe it is inevitable.  I would much rather see change and reform affected at the ballot box.  But I fear there are now so many special interests, so many on the government dole in some manner, so many who would impose their will in suppression of personal liberties, that the only viable means of change will prove to be revolution.

God help us all.


Ken said...

I have a feeling that had the media maintained the responsible and objective reporting they were supposed to do we wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

It's sad, but it is inevitable. The mexicans are just flooding our borders and know they have won something they should be prosecuted for. The stinking politicians have drafted a huge obamacare like bill for amnesty, yet none have read it. This is going to be anarchy for quite a while I would imagine. I'd rather hoped my elder years would be spent fishing and seeing our great country from my rv. As it is I have to scrimp for a Sunday drive, for that I'm in support of the fight.

Ken said...

BTW I love your demand list, I do hope the rebels use it!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true, anyone with any sense at all knows the situation. I am 65, and scratch my head everyday wondering what the psychotic media is drinking. It appears that the truth is determined by the elites and repeated over and over until it is believed, even if facts show otherwise. All tyrannies work the same, I hope it is not too late to recover!

ralph jameson said...

Things are so out of hand it is going to take severe actions to make a point. I truly believe something is going to happen, I can only pray that it happens quick and hard as to make a sudden impact and not get drawn out for years keeping all true Americans in peril.
God Bless America as we knew it.

Craig Bailey said...

WOW! Fair and equal news coverage, the true meaning of news for some of us, a form of terrorism to liberals.Violence is not the only answer, but sometimes the least painful option.Which scenario is less painful:A long drawn out brawl, or a quick and effective jab to the nose? This is one Kalifornain that is in for either.