Saturday, March 1, 2014

Say The Secret Word, Win A Billion: "Children"

When anyone from government wants to spend a few, or several billion dollars in taxpayer money, all they need to do is mention that it's for the "children".  That's the secret word folks.

If you want to throw more money at a failing, union-dominated education system, simple say "it's for the sake of the "children".  "I will not rest until our 'children' are properly educated", says the politician and/or the education bureaucrat.  "Half of our nation's 'children' are illiterate", screams the liberal pol!
"We don't care that we already throw twice as much per student than any nation in the world...we must throw more money into the system...after all it's for the 'children'!"

"We must ignore our immigration laws and grant citizenship for the 'children'!..."it's not their fault that their parents brought them here!"  "No!, I don't care if that encourages another 10 million invaders!", "It's all about the 'children'!".  "And while we're at it, quit bitching about paying the hospital bills and having to grant citizenship to a million 'anchor children' a year!"  "They're just 'children'.

"We need more money for Welfare and WIC and Medicaid and Schools, and free day care and free school breakfast and lunches!"  "It's for the 'children'".  "No!  I don't care that these 'children' are being bred by irresponsible welfare breeders and I don't care that the government encourages this's all about the 'children'!"

"We need another ten billion dollars to educate our 'children' against childhood obesity!  "No!  I don't care about the fact that we allow food stamp cards to be used in fast food restaurants!".  "After all, it's for the 'children'.

"Yes!  I'm aware that we gave out over $11 billion dollars in child tax credits to families of illegals, filing an INIT tax return!"  "We don't care; it's for the 'children'!"

"Yes!  I know that 'children' have committed more than $100 million dollars in property damage to their own schools last year!".  "I don't care; they are just frustrated with their plight of poverty and ignorance!"  After all, they're just 'children'.

In addition to all the taxpayer dollars I send in to pay for 'children', I still get a dozen telemarketing calls a week to finance some 'children' program.  "We need money for the "SAVE THEM FROM THE GANGS FUND".   "Hello, would you like to donate to our fund to combat childhood "adult onset type II diabetes?'s for the 'children'.  We need money for a "SEND OUR KIDS TO DISNEY LAND FUND".  We need money for the "CHILDREN WITH OBESITY FUND".....we're taking them out to McDonalds!

After all, it's for the 'children'.


Craig Bailey said...

Children, not my children.Feed the fat kids to the hungry kids.Send the illegal kids back to where they came, if the parents and liberal idiots whine , send them too. Only this will save OUR Children!

Trevor M-K said...

Ah the "for the children" excuse that has wasted countless dollars that end up going to school administrators or to fund "special projects." I understand that children are the future, but do we have to help every single one (looking at you "No Child Left Behind")?

there are kids that are just ungrateful for education and do not want to go to school. Fine, but send them into the military or put them through a trade, don't let them be dropouts. When education stops being about the money, this country will start moving forward again.

Looking forward to reading your article about California courts banning American Flag shirts due to illegals. Have a great Sunday!

A Modest Scribler said...

Trevor, you said more in four words than I said in that whole essay..."it's about the money".

Michael said...

It's high time ALL elected officials get it through their heads that 'children' aren't old enough to vote.

Like the classic song 'Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues', the policy should be as the lyrics "I'd like to help you son, but you're too young to vote".

Sadly, there was a time in America when this was the case, and the country was better off because of it.