Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lawless Obama


We all know that Barack Hussein Obama is a lawless rogue.  He's abused and ignored the Constitution for his entire time in office.  He's employed his mighty Czars to ignore both the judicial and the legislature to execute his socialist plans.

Then, this month, he ordered his Attorney General, white-hating Eric Holder, to find a way to release the majority of Black prisoners because their 50% representation in our federal prisons is an embarrassment to their race.  

And Obama has granted amnesty to over two million of his "dreamers", many who show up in crime logs throughout the nation.  And as recently as January, during his State of The Union Speech, he promised to go rogue even more if Congress won't give him what he likes.

Now, we've learned that over 2,200 illegal dangerous offenders were released by ICE, almost as quickly as they were arrested by our nation's law enforcement officials and turned over to ICE.  We also learned that a great many of those illegals arrested were Level I offenders; the murderers and drug dealers and rapists of the world.

The Senate and the nation's governors are demanding the names of those criminals set free so that they can track them in an effort to keep our citizens safe.  Obama has ordered a freeze on the release of names, presumably because these lightning fast illegal releases prove beyond all doubt that this President cannot be trusted to enforce our illegal immigration laws.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain have been especially aggressive in seeking out these names.  Over 300 were released back into the Arizona populace to wreak havoc on our citizens.  The stone walling continues.

Anyone who has any concern about the safety of their families should be concerned about Obama's maniacal determination to win the Hispanic and Black vote, no matter how many people are robbed, raped and murdered.  And anyone who has considered supporting the Democratic controlled Senate's immigration amnesty bill ought to think twice about that decision.  Obama has proved beyond all doubt that politics is far more important than the rule of law.

God help us all.

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