Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama Gave Unions License To Kill

Okay, you knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  You knew it as soon as Obama gave away half of General Motors to the labor unions and didn't ask for a penny from them.  You knew you'd be screwed with bailout losses, and you the tune of $14 billion dollars.

And you knew those liberal-coddled UAW workers (yeah the ones that tried to unionize the auto makers down south...and failed) would turn out products not fit for the American highway.  First, we had the grand failure of the Chevy Volt, even after Obama used taxpayer money to pay for a third of it's $40,000 dollar price tag, and you knew when they caught those auto workers drinking quarts of beer and smoking pot on their lunch break that no good could come from this.

So last week we learned that twelve Americans have died, burned to cinders by exploding ignition switches.  And it wasn't the new Obama chosen GM CEO has announced a massive recall going back three or four years...all of this buried until too may people just started exploding behind the wheel of a Chevy.

As a preventive measure, GM is instructing owners not to put any other keys on their Chevy key ring and be very gentle when turning the key.  Obama Motors has said the problem is so massive it might take them seven or eight years to fix those millions of chill out and be damn careful when you turn that key!

Alas, last Monday GM piped up with more bad seems all the crossovers SUV's and even the top of the line Cadillac XTS is subject blow up on you.  

But hark!  What's that I hear from Washington?  It seems Barack and Nancy and Harry are lamenting the fact that they were a bit stingy with Obama Motors....they should have given them more than the $100 billion so that they could put out a better product!

Obama is recommending that GM retrofit their cars with those Tesla batteries because they don't explode nearly as frequently as GM ignition switches.  Nasty Nancy is drawing up a bill that would provide a taxpayer funded line of credit to raise GM Union Pay to $75 dollars an hour because workers are distracted over their family budgets, trying to live on $50 bucks an hour.  Harry Reid wants to grant all GM Union Workers with "rolling leaves of absences" and sending all GM workers to a Production Safety Seminar to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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