Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Obamacare Affordable


Emperor Obama was gracious enough to appear before a Hispanic panel last Wednesday.  Viewers from 7 major Hispanic television and radio networks were all wired in to see what "the anointed one" would say about today's national concerns.


Before they got to a discussion about how Obama has failed to legalize 30 million illegal invaders, the hosts found the economy, and particularly the high costs of Obamacare were what was on the forefront of the audience's minds.  

So one of the Hispanic hosts read Obama a letter from someone in the audience.  The letter writer wrote that he makes only $36,000 dollars a year and has to support a family on that salary, and how was he expected to pay out thousands of dollars in Obamacare premiums and still feed and shelter his family.

Obama pondered the question for a moment, stroked his chin, and offered this.  "Well, you'll just have to find ways to cut your living expenses.  Here are a few of those cuts Obama recommended (in priority order):

Obama's "hit list".  Here, in priority order, are the things "the emperor" recommends you cut so you can afford his health care plan:

1) Give up Cable TV and Internet

2)  Give Up Your cell phone

3)  Cut back on dining out

4) If you bowl, or golf, give them up, stay home more and play board games with the kids.  Golf memberships and course fees can get very expensive and bowling inevitably leads to having a few beers and a tray of cheese nachos which adds to the cost of your night out.

5) If you have a gym membership, give it up and exercise at home.  Walk around your neighborhood, and, for weight training, you might get a couple of copies of the 2500 page Affordable Care Act and use them as dumb bells; you'll be toned in no time.

6) Cut out vacations.  Stay home. Consider playing in the yard sprinklers and set up a tent out in the back yard and count the stars.  Vacations are probably your biggest annual expense.  Staying home will go along way toward being able to afford your healthcare premiums.

7) Eliminate beef in your diet, opt for chicken or spam.  And Michelle can provide you with a whole host of vegetarian meals that are both healthy and affordable.

8) Cut back on your heating and AC use.  In the winter wear an extra layer of clothing and in the summer take cold showers to cool down.

9) Cut out driving- Bike to work (See giving up gym membership)

10) Make liberal use of food banks and soup kitchens

Whew!  What a have all those answers pouring out of our dear leader.  Sadly, Barack had to cut the session short....he was late for his golf date.

If you want Obama's sage advice on cutting back on your budget, you can watch it here:


Craig Bailey said...

I am always amazed at how someone who has achieved wealth through dubious ways and greedily accepting govt compensation arrogantly tells people how to budget their money while frivoliously spending ours.When will the definition of narcissist be changed to a pic of obummer?

A Modest Scribler said...

Craig, Obummer proved long ago that he doesn't care a whit for anyone else, especially the taxpayer. If he didn't we wouldn't be footing the bill for his $100 million a year vacation schedule.