Saturday, March 29, 2014

"California Now 'Three Sheets To The Wind'"

 Reprint:  I thought, in honor of the three Democratic state senators in California who were just busted for ethics violations...and especially for the gun control rep just busted for smuggling guns to Muslims, it would be a good time to just look at what the liberals in Sacramento like to spend their time on:                                              

Good Morning Folks,

Did you hear the latest legislative news out of California?  It seems the Democrats in Sacramento just passed a bill that requires hotels across the state to outlaw flat bottom sheets, and, instead, use fitted sheets.  It seems that the Dems key demographic supporters, unions, are complaining that making beds using flat sheets is making their back hurt.  Hotels across the state opposed the bill, rightly, since their automated laundry presser cannot handle fitted sheets.  The hospitality industry estimates the change out will costs several million dollars which will have to be passed on to the consumer in higher hotel rates.

The Democratically controlled State House worked on this bill for three weeks, an all consuming effort to pacify the hotel service worker unions.  Never mind that California has a 13 percent unemployment rate, a $20 billion plus budget deficit, soaring crime, a crumbling education system and yet they spent three weeks passing a bill to mandate fitted bottom sheets in hotels.

Not surprising, some of the small hotel chains are threatening to leave the state because they can't afford to buy expensive pressing equipment to satisfy the state mandate.  No doubt some of them will join the caravan of businesses who have departed for Phoenix and Austin and Dallas and other points east.

So, let's look at the State Dems' legislative triumphs this year; they demanded that Home Depot build recreation areas around the store, with picnic tables, water fountain and rest rooms for illegal day laborers and banned flat sheets for the maids.  Meanwhile, the state continues to wrestle with the biggest economic decline since the Great Depression.

I once had a relative who was known to enjoy a "touch of the grape".  After coming home loaded, the stories would fly that said relative was "three sheets to the wind last night".  I can say no less about California's reigning Democratic legislators.

Three Sheets To The Wind Indeed.

Note:  This just in: 
A California bill working its way through the state legislature providing more protection for transgender individuals in the workplace could allow for cross-dressing employees to wear whatever they want to work, despite workplace dress codes.
AB 887, which passed through the state's Assembly on May 16, is causing a stir among critics who feel it's raising the identity of a transgender individual to the same level as one's ethnicity or gender


Anonymous said...

The city of Glendale is now spending 19K A Month to block the casino.The city of Phoenix now taxes food and just gave themselfs a raise.The Democraps just dont get it.

JustCommonSense said...

You're right anon; and now this morning they are reporting that they'll keep their losses secret on their investment in the Coyotes.