Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Cable Greed or..I Miss My Analog"


As I sit here this morning watching my big 40 inch plasma digital television I am longing for the good old days of analog.

Thanks to the greed of the cable company, in the span of less than thirty minutes I am seeing dancing pixels, frozen screen images and garbled dialogue.  When the U.S. Congress mandated the end of analog they provided free bandwidth to all the broadcast businesses in order to provide digital programming.  That free bandwidth was meant to provide us with a strong reliable signal to our TV set.  Instead the cable companies took that bandwidth and, split the signals into 50 mini-signals so they could charge us more for shopping channels, half a dozen weather channels and a channel that will let me watch "My Mother The Car" from the 60's.  Then the greedy cable company can brag that they're giving me 160 channels when, in reality, I've got a dozen channels worth watching.

Okay, that's bad enough...but then they have to charge me for a digital box which gives me those dancing pixels, garbled dialogue and frozen screen images.

Americans have been screaming for a decade for Congress to implement a legislative proposal that would stop the cable companies for charging us for five weather stations, ten Mexican stations and all the other junk offered.  Congress actually considered an "ala carte" approach which would allow viewers to order and pay for only the channels they actually watch.

Unfortunately, the cable lobby took all of our congressman and senators out for dinner and a wild night in a stripper bar and the proposal died on the vine.

Sad,  Damned Sad.

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