Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Obama; Still Gaming the System"


Last Friday Obama and his rogue Justice Department and Homeland Security announced that they will no longer honor their sacred commitment to enforcing our nation's laws.  Desperate for a boost in his political fortunes, and with a cold, calculated eye toward next year's Presidential election, Obama has decided not to enforce our nation's immigration laws.

Obama knows full well that his re-election is nearly untenable given that his socialist programs have failed to revive the American economy.  Accordingly, he has now raised the ramparts, stocked the moat with alligators and will execute a "Hail Mary" pass to his liberal and Hispanic base in a desperate effort to acquire sufficient voter support for a second term.

Having failed to convince Republicans and even moderate Democrats to legalize another 30 million illegal invaders, Obama announced Friday that he will no longer deport 80 percent of immigrant criminals.  Both the Justice Department, headed by Eric Holder (he of the "Americans Are Cowards" bent) and Homeland Security have been directed not to hold and deport illegals caught in work place enforcement raids, arrested in DUI incidents or arrested by local, state and police agencies. 

Why are we not surprised by "The Great Opportunist"?  We have a President who has never held a job in his entire life, gamed the federal government for hundreds of thousands of dollars for Student loans and free Pell grants and "minority" scholarships, chose to ignore drug laws through his use of pot and cocaine, consorted with a Chicago mobster to acquire real estate at one third of market value, filled his White House cabinet with tax cheaters and lobbyists and encouraged the flaunting of contract law by encouraging mortgage deadbeats to walk away from their home mortgages?

Mr. Obama, you have lost Middle America.  We are tired of your tantrums, your tirades, your failure of leadership and your failure to take responsibility for your own failures.  Your support comes from liberals and those whom you ransom by providing a welfare check.  Not enough.  The workers of this country, the producers of this country, and those who believe in the rule of law have abandoned you. 

Mr. Obama, you have gamed the system long enough.  Come January 2013, you will be leaving the White House forever.  Perhaps you can return to Chicago and resume your community organizer duties.  Since your former Chief of Staff is now Mayor of Chicago perhaps he'll give you the job of "Elections Czar"; then you can start registering illegal aliens to vote and start registering to vote the names of dead people in those suburban Chicago graveyards.

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