Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Sunday Morning Wisdom"

On Sunday mornngs I like to watch parts of the Sunday morning talk shows.  I first tune in to Candy Crowley on CNN Sunday morning.  I like Candy because, in thirty years, she's never given me any hint of her political persuasion so I feel secure in knowing I'm not going to get the traditional liberal bias so evident in other news shows. 

When CNN cuts to commercial I jump over to C-Span.  C-Span always insists on neutrality from their news hosts and they succeed.  Plus, C-Span always has guests who discuss the issues from all sides of the political spectrum.

At 7AM I'm tuned in to Meet the Press.  Here, I have to tread lightly.  While MTP will have their token conservative on, both the discussion panel members and the host himself are so clearly in adoration of Obama and his liberal minions.  For example yesterday the majority opinion seemed to be that, despite the liberal Dems spending $5 trillion dollars in two short years of legislative orgy, they blame the Tea Party for Standard and Poor's downgrade of the U.S. debt rating.  Never mind that the Tea Party pols weren't even around during the spending orgy; the Dems all blamed it on them, though they didn't vote on any of those wasteful spending programs.

At 8AM I tune in to ABC and watch Christine Amanpour and the regular panel.  Christine seems fair, asks all the tough questions and I find solace that George Will is there to bring the liberals back to reality.

The problem with all of these shows is that you  know going in that you are only going to get the same pat answers from the pols who show up to regurgitate the same old talking points.  Extremely boring.  The only information I get from any of these shows is from the back and forth discussions among the panel members themselves.

The best question...and the best answer I heard on Sunday was from an In Depth Q&A Session conducted on C-Span with conservative writer Ann Coulter.  Someone called in and ask Ann the following:

"Ann, since every time the Dems get in power they ruin our economy...and since every big spending program they legislate ends up in economic disaster...are the liberals just dumb in believing government spending is efficient?...or are they evil, knowing damned well their programs don't work but do it anyway to garner voter dependency and thus, more political power?"

Ann's response:  "That's the age old question, caller.  I vote for the latter!".

That interchange was so refreshing.  I like the caller's question because I've asked it a hundred times myself..and I like the answer from Ann.  Ann Coulter flunked charm school and is never going to win any popularity contests but she gives you a straight unvarnished opinion.

That's more than you are ever going to get from the same old tired politicians who show up on Sunday morning, just to say the same thing they said three years ago.

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