Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liberals Say Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients Unfair

I just read this morning that Florida, the latest state to demand drug testing before receiving welfare benefits, is under attack by Democratic legislators and the ACLU for mandating drug tests for "needy" people.  From my prior reading I believe there are over 20 states that are working on this requirement and every state is being attacked for requiring a drug test before receiving welfare.

The states, already burdened with ever expanding welfare needs, are asserting that many of these folks wouldn't need state aid if they were not abusing drugs.    Abusing drugs and holding down a job are not mutually compatible.  Further, the states argue that many of those applying for welfare are doing so to supplement their income since most of their money is going toward supporting their drug habit.

I'm having a little difficulty understanding all of this.  Most of us are required to take a drug test as a condition of employment.  It seems to be okay for us to be tested but God help us if we require deadbeats to be tested prior to being supported by taxpayer dollars.

Of course, the ACLU is dead against testing, saying that infringes on the individual's right to privacy.  Again, I ask; if drug testing is acceptable for employment applicants, why is it not acceptable to welfare recipients.  I'm still waiting for the first case ACLU accepts that supports the rights of taxpayers.

I understand clearly that Democrats are ardently opposed to welfare drug testing.  Liberal support derives from those 52% of Americans who pay no taxes, the 30 percent who are drawing unemployment checks for two plus years, as well as that element of society that has sucked off the welfare tit for three generations now.

I am a bit disheartened by the liberal element's oppostion to drug testing for welfare recipients.  However, I am also a bit encouraged at seeing over 20 states waking up to the fact that many millions are on welfare because they abuse drugs...and are working now to do something about it.

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