Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wow! The EPA Just Got Nuked!


Oh wow!  We just learned Wednesday afternoon that Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is Trump's pick to head up the EPA!  The liberals and the EPA bureaucrats have got to be in spasmodic delirium with this pick.

Attorney General Pruitt has been suing the EPA for years now!  He just can't fathom why an Oklahoma rancher has to jump through hoops (and fill out 86 forms, and wait for approval, just to have a duck pond on his homestead!), so our EPA masters have got to be doing a little squirming these days.

In 2014 Pruitt caught the EPA fudging the numbers on the amount of carbon emissions being emitted by energy producers in his state.  That story made the front page of the New York Times and EPA was left red faced over the issue.

And speaking of the New York Times, when Trump participated in a meeting with that paper's editorial board last week, he seemed to cave just a bit on the possibility that climate change may indeed be man  made.  Today's pick of Pruitt says otherwise.  Pruitt's been a staunch opponent of man made activity as the primary cause of climate change.  He's also battled with the EPA over the EPA's crippling of American industry, citing the lack of a level playing field when competing with countries who haven't embraced the same quality of environmental protections that are mandated by our EPA masters.

I remain lukewarm on the issue of climate change.  While I believe we need to do everything, absolutely everything to protect our air and water, and while I believe we ought to have a major push toward sustainable energy, I'm not convinced that climate change can be ameliorated by anything we good volcanic eruption in Yellowstone, or in the Philippines, can undo whatever safeguards we could put in place to affect change.

But I am absolutely tickled pink that Trump keeps appointing non-traditional people to his cabinet....people who at least have a fighting chance to do what Trump promised on the shake up Washington and send our bureaucratic masters fleeing for the out lands.

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