Friday, December 16, 2016

"Being There" And The Miraculous Donald\


Is there anyone still alive who remembers seeing a rather obscure Peter Sellers' flick called "Being There?"  The plot centered around a rather dim-witted fellow who gardened for a wealthy estate, who went by the modest title of "Chancy", the gardener.

Chancy could talk about only two things; gardening and whatever he'd seen on low-brow television.  Without elaborating on the film's plot development, let's just say Chancy the Gardener was fortuitously quoted for something he said, something that was reflective of his mental density, then mistakenly understood as having said something quite profound.

Pretty soon the world had pronounced "Chauncy Gardiner" (Chancy the Gardener) as "genius".  The world fell to his feet and worshipped his every uttering.

By the way, we see that "foot worshipping" in the entertainment world all the time.  Some how a rapper's fans, or an actor's fans somehow believe that, since they light up the stage, they somehow know   better than you how our government should be run.  Blind worship has become a religion in 21st Century America.

Now the reason I brought all this up is because, after watching Donald Trump sitting around an immense round table with America's "Tech Barons" this week, each of them having savaged The Donald during the electoral campaign, now hanging on Trump's every word.

And it's not just the Tech Barons who are giving The Donald immense "cred"....we now have Congressional Republicans and many other of our government nannies praising The Donald to high heaven.

This all brings a smile to my face.  While none of us even have a clue as to whether the Trump Presidency will be triumph or disaster,  the "Royal Court" are scrambling for a place at the master's feet.  We can be assured of two things......if Trump is a success, the Royal Court will take a piece of the credit.  And if Trump's a disaster the Royal Court will scatter to the hinterlands, all the while claiming "they knew it all along".

I don't have any keen insight into what Trump will do.  He will surely not be as bad as the liberals are predicting.  And he will certainly not be the "second coming" as many of his supporters avow.

My pleasure at seeing all this lies not in what Trump "will do"...but, instead, how he shocked the world in getting here, and how the Royal Court is responding to it.

Donald Trump may indeed prove to be "Chancy, the gardener"...sending the Royal Court into instant retreat.  Or he might be "Chauncy Gardner", "idiot savant" whose every move results in massive success!

We won't know for awhile.  But, regardless of the outcome, god, am I having fun watching the "grand suck-up" by those hanging on to the seat of power by their fingernails, one finger firmly gripping Trump's pant cuffs.


Jerry Carlin said...

Good Morning, You Nailed It!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Jerry, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Glad to see you acknowledging that there could be light at the end of the tunnel instead of sure there is none. No one knows what will happen in the next 4 years. Anyone who says they do, is a Liar. Trump is unpredictable. That's what separates him from all other Presidents. And, you know these guys just HATE having to deal with him rather than Hillary. Lot's of sleepless nights in the business world. Damn, I love it.

A Modest Scribler said...

The business world is loving Trump, Frank. The Dow has soared since Trump's victory. I too am enjoying the uncertainty being afflicted on the career politicians. Merry Christmas.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Scribe.